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Kiev Sightseeng excursion tour

We conduct sightseeing tours around Kyiv, where you get acquainted with the history of the city and see main attractions and highlights of the capital, such as Lavra, Monument to Woman Motherland, St. Sophia Cathedral, Golden Gate and St. Andrew’s Descent. A sightseeing tour can be either walking or by a car/bus. Having ordered an excursion by car/bus, an exciting tour around Kyiv awaits you. You will visit the Upper Town, Podil, Lypky and Pechersk. Duration – 3-4 hours.

Map of Kiev sightseeing tour

Map of Kiev Sights



“Dayting” offers to take advantages of our guides’ services and book a sightseeing tour around Kiev. It’s impossible to cover such a megalopolis as Kyiv at once. That’s why for your convenience we have drawn a map of the city, broke it up into districts and indicated the most interesting objects and sights along the route. So, here are sightseeing tours in the following neighborhoods:

Old (Upper) city. The tour will be interesting to those who love history (the duration – 2-3 hours). On the route we will visit the Starokyivska hill that lies at the origin of our state. You will see the remains of the Kyiv Dytynets shafts, the foundation of the first stone church built in the 10th century, as well as the remains of defensive structure of Kievan Rus – the Golden Gate, which became the hallmark of the city. It’s a must to see the Mykhailivsky Cathedral, a monument to Vladimir the Baptist, and the St. Sophia Cathedral – the greatest architectural structure of the 11th century with unique frescoes, mosaics and graffiti. St. Sophia Cathedral is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Podil (Lower Town) tour is one of the most popular excursions (the duration – 2 hours). Once on Podol there lived minor traders, workers and artisans. Today it’s a favorite tourist route with many architectural objects of the XVII-XIX centuries. Especially many churches are preserved here, for example, Florovsky Monastery – one of the oldest cathedrals, founded in the 16th century. Jews often used to get settled in Podil. It’s not surprising to meet on the route the synagogue of Rosenberg, the former Talmud-Torah and other institutions for Jewish communities. After we will walk along the Sahaidachnyi pedestrian street, will reach Pochtovaya Square and the river station on the embankment, which opens a picturesque view of the Dnieper and the left bank. Within Podil tour, we offer on thematic excursions “Churches of Podil” and “Jewish Kyiv”.

Khreshchatyk is an excursion along the main capital street (the duration – 1.5-2 hours). The length of Khreshchatyk is 1.3 km and almost every building on this street is an architectural monument. We will see the monumental building of the main post office, the conservatory, the house with the star, the passage, where the houses with the original stucco were preserved, at the entrance to the passage – the Avenue of Stars of Ukrainian cultural and sports figures. The street intersects the central square of the country – called the Independence Square, decorated with an ensemble of fountains. In summer evening, here you can see the fountains’ light show. If you wish, we will have a look at Prorizna, Kostelna or Pushkinska streets with their beautiful mansions from the brick of the XIX and XX centuries.

Lypky is an excursion around the most elite district of Kyiv (duration – 2 hours). Since the middle of the 18th century Lypky were populated by extremely wealthy estates. The Mariinsky Palace of the royal family, the mansion of Liberman, the “Chocolate House” of the 1st guild merchant Mogilevtsev, tenement houses and mansions, included in the list of architectural monuments, have survived to the present day. Later various institutions began to appear in Lypky. Today it’s a government district, where the Verkhovna Rada and the Presidential Administration are located. The heart of Lypky is Gorodetsky Street, which is called Paris in Kyiv. Guests of the capital also compare it to little Florence.

Pechersk is an excursion in one of the central districts of Kyiv (duration – 2-3 hours). Pechersk has long been of great importance in the history of the city. The oldest preserved object here is the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, founded in the XI century. This is a religious center with unique shrines, caves and museums. Every day hundreds of pilgrims come here to bow to the relics of the saints. Since the end of the XVII century Pechersk obtained also its strategic importance. To prove that we’ll show the remains of the ramparts, walls with towers and gates of the former citadel.

The largest memorial complex in Ukraine dedicated to the II World War is located on the Pechersk plateau. The complex includes museums, military equipment and the 102-m high “Motherland” monument. Inside the monument there are observation accessible in good weather. Those, interested in fortifications, we suggest to go for the “Kyiv Fortress” tour.

Lukianivka, Tatarka is an excursion to the historical places of two districts of Kyiv (duration – 2-3 hours). Tatarka, spread out in the hills, was once inhabited mainly by Muslims. On one of the hills you’ll see remains of the oldest necropolis, which included the Old Believers’ and Muslim cemeteries. In 2011, the first and only Ar-Rahma mosque in Kyiv was opened next to it.

Going down to Lukyanivka we find ourselves in Heydar Aliyev Square, where the wall of Baku fortress and Sheikh Safi carpet were reproduced. Lukyanivka is known for such objects as the Lukianivska prison, the Lukianivsky cemetery and the memorial reserve “Babiy Yar” – a place of mass executions during the period of the fascist occupation. There are also the Menorah, monuments and stands dedicated to the tragic events.

New Development is an excursion around the historical area of the city, which arose in the 1830-1840s (duration – 2 hours). The buildings of the New Development are largely preserved to this day. The main attractions are the Brodsky synagogue, Operetta, the church of St. Nicholas. Among the modern buildings, there is the highest skyscraper in Ukraine, the Gulliver shopping mall, the main concert-hall of the country, the Palace Ukraine and the Olympic NSC – one of the largest sports complexes in Europe, where the 2012 European Football Championship finals were held, and in 2018 – the UEFA Champions League final.

Whichever route you choose, a sightseeing tour around Kyiv will be an exciting journey for you. Accompanied by our guides, you will enjoy an unusual or customized excursion, with all your preferences taken into consideration. You can choose a guide here. Book your tour here.