Excursions in Dnipro

Excursions in Dnipro are fascinating tours around the famous city of fountains, located on the Dnieper River. Historical and cultural heritage of the city of Dnipro ( which was Dnipropetrovsk until 2016) includes a number of architectural and landscape arts memorials, museums, theaters and other objects.

The main artery of Dnipro is the Dmitro Yavornytsky Prospect, along which the main sights of the city of Dnipro are centered. Namelt: the Church of St. Joseph, the Preobrazhenskyi Cathedral, the National Historical Museum, the “Battle for the Dnieper” diorama, the world’s largest Jewish complex “Menora”, as well as many theaters, cinemas and shopping centers.

One of the picturesque places in Dnipro is the Shevchenko park and the pedestrian bridge that connects it with the Monastyrsky Island, where the man-made Roaring River Wall waterfall – the pride of the city – is located. Today, the Shevchenko park is the landscape art memorial of national importance. In the park, you can see a cascading fountain and an observation deck, from where a dazzling view opens onto the left bank of the Dnieper.

It is worth mentioning that Dnipro city has the longest embankment in Europe. The embankment has long become an architectural landmark of Dnipro and a favorite place for walks of citizens and visitors of the city. It offers a panoramic view of the Dnieper River, Monastery Island and the unique Merefa-Kherson Bridge, which is an architectural monument. Along the embankment you will see such attractions as the “Youth of Dnipro” sculpture, the “White Swan” light and music fountain and the longest bench in Ukraine (50 m!).

The very heart of Dnipro is the Cathedral Square, which is a part of the historical and architectural complex. Here you will find the Preobrazhenskyi Cathedral, the historical museum, the “Battle for the Dnieper” diorama and other attractions. The central square of Dnipro is called the Heroes of the Maidan Square, the main object of which has become the Trinity Cathedral. Nowadays the most popular shopping centers are located in the square – the “Passage” shopping center and the Central Department Store. The main street of the city, called the Dmytro Yavornytsky avenue intersects both the Cathedral Square and the Heroes of the Maidan Square.

The Ekaterynynskyi Boulevard is a pedestrian street in the center of Dnipro, which is only 160-m long. It is one of the shortest and most beautiful boulevards of the city. Locals adore this corner of Europe with lots of boutiques, shopping centers, cafes, pubs and restaurants. The main decoration of the boulevard has become the alley of fountains and the Monument to the “Unknown Oligarch”. One of the city’s oldest buildings – a two-story house built in the 1870s has also remained on the boulevard. Festivals, concerts and various events are held there, and the main Christmas Tree is installed during the Christmas season. The Boulevard is especially beautiful in the evening, as throughout the year it is decorated with lights.

Dnipro has got some of the exceptional museums. Among them: the Space Museum, where you can see up to 40-meter long missiles, and the museum at THE INTERPIPE NTZ Plant with the collection of more than 50,000 exhibits and has a huge historical value. In addition, 210 exhibits are part of the Museum Fund of Ukraine.

The “INTERPIPE NTZ” is one of the largest manufacturers of steel pipes in Europe and is part of the Interpipe Group. The Interpipe Group also launched the largest in Eastern Europe electric steelmaking plant, called the Interpipe Steel. On its territory, there are extraordinary art objects, such as the artificial sun “Dnipropetrovsk Sunrise” that rises to a height of 60 m, the “Tunnel of Time” installation, the “Material means Movement” installation made of reflective glass, the 22-meter long “Bridge of Reflections”, etc. To see innovative technologies and unusual examples of modern art, you should get to the plant’s territory by ordering an excursion.

Dnipro is a bright and unusual city! In few hours of fascinating excursion, you will see all the diversity of the city. For sightseeing, we can organize not only walking tours, but also motorized excursions with stops in the most interesting places. During the sightseeing tour, any changes to the itinerary can be done on request.

See you in Dnipro!