Excursions in Dnepr

XENIA – author of Excursions in Dnepr.

strong>excursion in Dnepropetrovsk will begin from Monument to the Glory with a wonderful view of the legendary Dnipro.

Further along the avenue Karl Marx, we will go down to the October Square which is the part of the historical architecture and parks complex of the central part of the city. We will Visit the Historical Museum and Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral.
The next item on our tour – one of the peaceful parks, the pride of the citizens- Shevchenko Park and adjoining Monastic Island.

A little later we will walk along the longest promenade of Europe, where we can have a rest on wrought iron benches and admire the White Swan Fountain.

We will also visit the world’s largest Jewish Center Menora.

Next – the heart of Dnepropetrovsk – European Boulevard and Freedom Square. You may want to return to childhood for a moment and ride on the fabulous French carousel which has recently graced the center of the city.

Besides, on our list “must see”: the Hotel Ukraine, Trinity Church, Boulevard, where you can buy exclusive hand-made souvenirs, opera Theatre, and, of course , impressive Ekaterynoslavsky Boulevard.

Throughout our route the most popular cafes and restaurants are situated. That is why it will be not only interesting and entertaining but also is very tasty!

So see you in Dnepropetrovsk!

Excursion in DnepropetrovskExcursions in Dnepropetrovsk
The price is 20 $ per hour (totally not more than 100$) + related expenses. Duration 2-4 hours

XENIA – author of Excursions in Dnepr.

I invite you on a sightseeing excursion in Dnepropetrovsk! The best way to explore the city! The rich historical and cultural heritage of the city, as well as its dimensions led to the selection of excursion routes are extremely interesting. For 2-4 hours excursion you will be presented all the diversity of the city. Sightseeing of Dnepropetrovsk from the windows of the vehicle, combined with outlets for review of the most interesting of them, well, of course, the opportunity to be photographed! During the excursion may be slight changes in the route and / or time of it related with working hours of certain objects.

On a sightseeing tour of Dnepropetrovsk you will see:

– Embankment of Dnepr (You will also see the Dnepropetrovsk circus, located on the street Naberezhnaya Lenina, 33. It was built under the project of Paul Nirinberga and is one of the business cards of the city. The building, made of shiny metal, equipped with a spectacular illuminated as if in a fairy tale transfers.)

– Avenue of falling in love (A romantic avenue is the most popular holiday destination among lovers halves. Nearby is the park Globa.)

– Area of Heroes of Maidan (Today, Square of the Heroes of the Maidan is the heart of Dnipropetrovsk. There are fairs and festivals, organized concerts, in New Year works a central area.)

– Ekaterynoslavsky boulevard (Main sight of boulevard is Monument to the businessman. In the evening, the boulevard turns into the ideal place for lovers – all year it is decorated with illuminations and lighting.)

– Observation platform in Shevchenko Park (It offers a spectacular panoramic view of the entire Dnepropetrovsk: long Embankment, the Dnipro River and the entire left bank.)

– The plant “Interpipe Steel” (With its 5th Art objects: artificial sun “Dnepropetrovsk Sunrise”, mirror on the wall in shop floor, reminiscent of sunset in the different states, figures on the facade of of the enterprise and 22-meter-long “bridge reflections’ connects the utility rooms and workshops. The symbiosis of industry and art – is quite an interesting phenomenon.)

– Museum of Cosmonautics (Alive to see rockets long 30-40 meters, to feel the pilot of airplane, sitting after a steering wheel)

Dnipropetrovsk is bright and unique, and I invite you to make sure in it!

Excursions in Dnepropetrovsk
The price is 20 $ per hour (totally not more than 100$) + related expenses. Duration 2-4 hours