Tours in Lviv

Our company “Dayting” offers exciting excursions in historical Lviv. We offer a guided tour around the central part of the city, the oldest necropolis, castles, as well as various thematic excursions. If this is your first time in Lviv, we recommend the most popular routes:

Sightseeing tour. Acquaintance with the city and its main attractions – the Town Hall, Market Square, Opera House, Cathedral, etc.
Lychakiv cemetery. The oldest necropolis in Europe, where the crypts and burials of famous personalities have been preserved.
Austrian Lviv. The architecture of Lviv during the period when the city was part of the Austro-Hungarian state.
Jewish Lviv. Acquaintance with Lviv, when there was one of the largest Jewish communities here, and the city itself was the center of Jewish Galicia.
Polish Lviv. The excursion is dedicated to the period when Lviv was part of Poland. You will learn historical facts related to Polish gentry, culture and art figures, military men and politicians.
Armenian Lviv. The tour is dedicated to the rich heritage of the Armenian community of Lviv. You will see unique architectural objects that have survived to this day.
Lviv Unerground. We plunge into the underground world of the city, where you will find out what is hidden in the basements of the Pharmacy Museum, the Dominican Monastery or the Mine.
Castles of Lviv region. We offer you to visit the most romantic castles of Ukraine – Golden Horseshoe and Musketeers Castle. You will plunge into the medieval atmosphere, stroll through picturesque reserves and learn the history of castles and their owners.
Entertaining Tour around Lviv. For real party-goers, we organize Pub Crawl, hen and stag parties, tasting and food tours.
Gastro Tour in Lviv. It’s no secret that Lviv is one of the gastronomic centers of Europe! A cosmopolitan city with different cultures and traditions is reflected in the local cuisine, which you should definitely try!)
Breweries of Lviv. You can drink fresh amber beer of our own production only in Lviv! This is where the best breweries in Ukraine are located!
Lviv is the center of coffee and chocolate. You can taste real chocolate and aromatic coffee only in the city of Leo! We will visit Lviv Coffee Manufacturing, coffee shops on Bambetli and Mine, where you can not only have a cup of coffee, but also buy souvenirs.

The duration of any excursion program is 2-3 hours.

We conduct individual and group excursions, walking and car / bus tours. In addition, for party-goers and nightlife lovers, there are entertainment and party routes in our arsenal.

For those wishing to get acquainted with the sights in the outskirts of Lviv, we organize a one- or two-day tour around Lviv and nearby regions.

Only professional guides work in our team. We conduct excursions in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German and other languages. The creativity and flexibility of our guides will guarantee your vivid travel emotions. You will see that for yourself!