Tours in Odessa




Odessa is a city of contrasts, the capital of humor and, undoubtedly, a Ukrainian pearl on the Black Sea coast. Every year, thousands of tourists come here to see firsthand the bright festive city with a multinational culture, unique architectural objects and sights with a purely Odessa flavor. Once in Odessa for the first time, you can be sure that you will love her with all your heart and will be eager to come back here again.

Our team at “Dayting” offers you the most interesting tours in Odessa and its surroundings:

Sightseeing tour (downtown) is the most popular excursion. You will see the central part of the city and its main attractions – the Opera Theater, the Potemkin Stairs, the Vorontsov Palace, the monument to Duke and other objects that have long become the hallmark of Odessa. Make sure you walk along Derybasivska street and take a look at the Gorsad to listen to the Odessa Symphony Orchestra. Nearby is the eternal symbol of Odessa – the monument to the Twelfth Chair. Tourists consider it their duty to take a photo in the famous chair, which Ostap Bender did not manage to find. During the tour you will hear the history of the formation of the city as a seaport; what outstanding people lived here and learn about lot of interesting facts that are not found in Wikipedia.

Odessa is the pearl of the sea (embankment, Langeron, Arcadia). Everyone knows that Odessa, stretching for tens of kilometers along the coastline, is the main seaside resort of Ukraine. Our tour will take place in picturesque places along the Black Sea. We will visit the oldest city beach Langeron, where the best in Ukraine NEMO Dolphinarium, Otrada and Dolphin beaches, as well as a 425-m long cable car. Oh, what an amazing view from to the embankment opens from the cable car … Arcadia is a popular resort with all sorts of entertainment. The main decoration of Arcadia is a light and musical fountain. In warm evenings, hundreds of vacationers gather by the fountain to admire this amazing performance.

Criminal Odessa (Moldavanka) is an unusual and, at the same time, favorite tour among all. It has long been a must-visit on the list. Those who didn’t visit Moldavanka – did not really see Odessa from the inside! Once it was the outskirts of the city, where mostly poor people settled. That’s why the architecture of this area also differs from the center – here you will mostly see modest one- and two-storey houses with courtyards and wells. At the beginning of the XIX century, gangs involved in smuggling goods, started appearing here. So, the area itself became known as the most criminal one in Odessa. During the tour you will find out who Mishka Yaponchik, Yashka Blumkin, Karabas and Kotovsky were, visit the “raspberry” and hear stories about the legendary adventurer Sonka the Golden Hand.

Catacombs of Odessa is an unusual tour around the dungeons. Throughout the territory of Odessa at a depth of 25-30 m, many old stone quarries that formed the whole underground city, have been preserved. During the tour you can visit one of these quarries – the catacombs, where you will be told about the production of shell deposits, about the first buildings, and about the history of the Cantacuzene catacomb. Odessa catacombs are one of the main attractions of the city and a place that is worth a visit for all guests of Odessa. Warm clothing and comfortable shoes are required for this visit.

In addition, we can offer the following thematic tours:
Odessa bazaars;
– Jewish Odessa;
Odessa patioss;
– Literary Odessa;
Odessa palaces;
Countryside tours, etc.

Many of these tours are personalized and designed for those who prefer non-standard routes. The duration of any of the excursions is 2-3 hours. Our guides conduct both individual and group tours. In addition, for active tourists, avid party-goers and nightlife lovers we’ve got cultural, entertainment and party routes. Our guides in Odessa. Book a tour here.

Welcome to Odessa-mama! Here everyone will find something of their interest. However, in any case, you will not remain indifferent to this wonderful city that was described in poems, stories and movies.