Top 10 clubs in Odessa

Park Residence – an elite club, karaoke and a restaurant. It is a two-storey mansion with a loft-style interior. On the first floor you will find a restaurant and a dance floor, on the second one – a karaoke room. The highlight of the institution is an open terrace with a swimming pool, where seasonal discos and parties are held in summer. Foreign and Ukrainian celebrities regularly perform here. This is one of the glamorous places of the city where famous people, businessmen and rich youth like to relax.
Address: Frantsuzskiy Blvd., 85
Contacts: +38(073)780-03-00, 38(098)580-03-00
Work time: Tue – Sun from 10:00 to 06:00.
The entrance is paid. Face Control. Prices are higher than average.

Reef – a sophisticated and expensive restaurant complex with a luxurious bar and a large platform for parties, private shows and social events. A stylish establishment with a beautiful interior, excellent cuisine and high standards of service corresponds to its price category. The restaurant has a summer terrace with a beautiful view of the Black Sea. Friday through Sunday, there are cool parties with famous DJs and musicians.
Address: Fontanska Road, 77
Contacts: +38(096)437-47-47, +38(073)735-17-29
Work time: Mon – Sun from 10:00 to 01:00.
Face Control. Dress Code. Prices are higher than average.

Ibiza – the best summer club in Odessa and a concert hall. It is located in Arcadia and works in the warm season. It is considered to be one of the most popular and large-scale institutions in Ukraine (the club’s capacity is up to 7 thousand people). At the opening and closing of the season, thousands of people come here from all over the country. Here you will encounter the brightest show programs, DJ sets, as well as performances of Ukrainian and foreign musicians. During the day, Ibiza works as a comfortable VIP-class beach complex with swimming pools, a restaurant and a bar. At the bar you can enjoy a variety of drinks or smoke hookah.
Address: Arcadia Beach
Contacts: +38(073)777-02-04
Work time: 24/7
The club is opened from May to September. The entrance is paid. Prices are above average.

ITAKA – the second most popular summer night club in Odessa after Ibiza. It is located in Arcadia and works in the warm season. The place is decorated in antique style like ancient Greece. Here corporate parties and concerts of popular artists from Ukraine, Europe and the United States take place. The club has two large dance floors and can simultaneously accommodate up to 3 thousand people. This is a concert arena in the evening, which turns into a beach complex with swimming pools in the afternoon. There is also a restaurant of European cuisine called “ZUMMA”.
Address: Arcadia Beach
Contacts: +38(068)056-92-06, +38(048)234-91-88
Work time: 24/7
The club is opened from May to September. The entrance is paid. Prices are above average.

True Man – a music art club in the center of Odessa. This is a nightclub with an extraordinary interior, where live music is always played by Ukrainian cover bands, as well as DJ sets and theme parties are held. This is the place for those who love jazz, rock and roll, art house and other music styles. In winter, the club is located on Pushkinska str., 75, and in summer it moves closer to the sea – to the Dolphin beach.
Address: Pushkinska Str., 75
Contacts: +38(093)702-11-78
Work time: Mon – Thur, Sun from 18:00 to 04:00, Fri – Sat from 18:00 to 06:00.
From May to September the club is located on the Dolphin beach.
Admission is free/100 UAH. Prices are affordable.

Central bar – a popular institution in the classic loft style on Ekaterininskaya Square. The menu features steaks, burgers, salads, pasta and pizza. There is a vegetarian menu too. The bar list is represented by an excellent selection of luxury drinks, cocktails. A hookah menu is also available. The highlight of the Central bar is the barbershop. Live music has a special place. So, in the evenings in the bar you can listen to Odessa cover bands. There is always fun, good atmosphere and nice crowd, especially on weekends (it is advisable to book a table).
Address: Ekateryninska Square, 3
Contacts: +38(067)482-35-15
Work time: Mon – Wed from 10:00 to 00:00, Thu, Sun from 10:00 to 01:00, Fri – Sat from 10:00 to 06:00.
Admission is free. Prices are higher than average.

The Fitz – a cocktail bar in the central part of Odessa. It is famous for its extraordinary atmosphere and the most delicious cocktails. The interior of the establishment resembles a typical American bar, and the bar here is located right at the entrance. The Fitz is always crowded, especially on weekends. That’s why it is advisable to book tables in advance. In the evenings trendy music sounds, and various events are often held. Today it is one of the popular bars among the townspeople.
Address: Ekateryninska Str., 6
Contacts: +38(068)810-20-70
Work time: Mon – Thur, Sun from 18:00 to 02:00, Fri – Sat from 18:00 to 03:00.
Admission is free. Prices are affordable.

Bourbon Rock Bar – a party place with the atmosphere of New York. Here you will always hear rock and roll, live music performed by young bands, and encounter incendiary parties on weekends. Foreigners and the progressive youth of Odessa prefer Bourbon. The menu features dishes of European, Mexican and American cuisine. The alcohol card contains a large assortment of whiskey, as well as branded bourbon of its own production. The highlight of the rock bar is own tattoo workshop. So, you can get excited on a glass of whiskey and go for a fancy tattoo.
Address: Ekateryninska Str., 8/10
Contacts: +38(048)722-03-07
Work time: Mon – Thur, Sun from 18:00 to 04:00, Fri – Sat from 16:00 to 06:00.
Admission is free. Prices are higher than average.

The Roastery by Odessa – a modern space of music and style, imbued with the American spirit of freedom. Menu: branded burgers, steaks, signature cocktails, a unique collection of bourbon, as well as home-roasted coffee. Here, various parties are held accompanied by DJ-sets 7 days a week.
Address: Arkadiivska alley, 1
Contacts: +38(073)735-97-33, +38(093)787-87-85
Work time: 24/7
Admission is free, on the day of the concert is paid. Prices are average.

Morgan Club – a legendary Odessa cocktail bar in the city center. “Drink and Dance” is the slogan of this popular place, founded back in 1997. Here you can always have a good time and enjoy live music performed by Ukrainian musicians, parties with the participation of DJs and karaoke. You can watch football matches streaming on the large screen. Every Monday there is a special price for cocktails. A hookah menu is there too.
Address: Zhukovskoho Str., 30
Contacts: +38(067)480-30-20
Work time: Mon – Wed, Sun from 11:00 to 02:00, Thur from 11:00 to 03:00, Fri – Sat from 11:00 to 05:00.
Admission is free/paid. Prices are average.