Guides in Lviv


Elena works in the accompaniment and entertainment

Elena Guides in LvivServices:

  • the cultural part of the city (museums, theaters, exhibitions, cathedrals, parks, etc.);
  • entertainment (entertainment centers, cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants, etc.);
  • partying (clubs, thematic pubs, parties, etc.).

Age: 27
Height: 169
Education: Іvan Franko Lviv National University, specialty – manager- economist.

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English – intermediate

Interests: dancing, psychology, painting, photography, design.
Sport: mountain hiking, running.

Favorite places in Lviv:
The central part, especially, an old Bernardine courtyard and part of the Pidvalna street, where preserved medieval Lviv walls, Cossack powder tower, Royal armory and the museum of ancient weapons. There you can fully experience the atmosphere of ancient Lviv. Also Znesinnia park and mysterious Bald Mountain, which offers a beautiful view of the historic part of the city.

About me:
I appreciate life and believe, that in every day and every person can find something good. I am interested in psychology, painting, photography. I like books and interesting conversations with interesting people. Also I like funny jokes and funny company, good atmospheric rest. Lviv is the perfect city for it. Here you can find places, that take you back in time a few centuries ago, places where you will find yourself in the lap of nature, a place full of romance and energy, and many modern establishments for active rest. And I will help you to discover them for yourself!

Ivanna works in excursions, accompaniment and entertainment

Ivanna Guides in Lviv


  • the cultural part of the city (museums, theatres, exhibitions, cathedrals, parks etc.);
  • entertainment (entertainment centers, cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants, etc.);
  • partying (clubs, thematic pubs, parties, etc.).

In addition:

  • I can help you to spend a wonderful time resting in Lviv and I can show you nice places in Lviv, in the city suburbs, and other cities of Western Ukraine;
  • I may help foreigners with the learning of  Ukrainian language and adaptation period in Lviv.

Age: 25
Height: 167
Education: Ivan Franko National University of  Lviv, master of Philology- teacher of English and German and world literature.

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English – fluent
German – intermediate
Polish – pre-intermediate

Interests: dancing, music, photography, movies, directing, foreign languages, politics, economy, interesting trips in the amazing places of Ukraine and Europe.
Sport: mountain hiking, running.

Favorite places in Lviv:
The central part of the city, especially old courtyards, Market Square, the high Castle, Liberty Avenue, Lviv catacombs of Jesuit church and the Dominican Cathedral, part of the Pidvalna street with Royal armory (now the museum of ancient weapon).

Lviv – is a marvelous city for the family rest and rest in the company of good old friends. And, even, for lonely people seaking for places full of romance, where they can find a beloved. Here you can find places, that take you back in time, places where you can find yourself in the lap of nature, places full of love and energy, and many modern establishments for active rest. All European ways leads to Lviv, as to Rome. Come to Lviv, where you can fully experience the atmosphere of ancient city and it’s suburbs. I will help to discover Lviv for yourself.

About me:
I appreciate life and people in my life. I strongly believe, that every personality should experience every moment in life to the full with pleasure. I can find a common language with people of different nature, position and nationality. I enjoy reading interesting literature, learning foreign languages and cultures. Also, I like funny jokes in a good company and nice atmospheric rest with a drop of extreme.

Oksana works in excursions and accompaniment

Oksana Guides in Lviv


  • I’m a professional tourist guide, working in Lviv with great experience. I do all tours, popular in Lviv and also create individual routs.
  • I try to show personal interest to every tourist according to everyone’s needs and interests, that’s why every tour is very personal.

Age: 35
Height: 160
Education: Lviv Commercial Academy; Courses for tourist guides.

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English – advanced

Interests: I like reading, it helps me to become better and better. I like driving on high speed but still carefully. But most of all I like travelling, because of this feeling of new experience and new emotions.
Sport: fitness (callanetics).
My hobby: My hobby became my job. I’m very glad about this. And also I’m interested in interior design, I like cosiness. When I have time, I study languages. I try to study French right now.

Favorite places in Lviv:
Really hard to decide which place is my favorite, because there are a lot of them in Lviv. Every time you learn something new, you fall in love even more. There is no building in the old part of the town without some kind of story: sometimes funny, sometimes romantic and even tragic. All of this stories I try to make alive for you.

I like so-called “Austrian Lviv”, meaning Lviv during government of Habsburg’s Empire with all their luxury, elegance and aristocratism. The Pototsky Palace and Lviv’s Nobel Casino – are my favorite ones to visit with my guests.

I know and I love our city museums and theatres since my childhood, as well as all most beautiful and romantic places in Lviv. So let’s say I’m a professional citizen of Lviv, what is even more important, then professional guide.
I’m a coffee lover, so I know all best cafes, where they serve the most delicious coffee. And I’ll show you them with pleasure… Lviv is the city with coffee aroma everywhere…

I’ll try to give you a feeling of travelling through the centuries full of interesting, varied, still fortunate stories of our town during our tours, instead of feeling to be at the lecture of History.

About me:
In fact, I’m very communicative person with positive life position and attitude. My second favorite city in Ukraine is Odessa, because my grand-father was born there. Thanks to him, I have good sense of humor, what is very important in my profession.


If you want on tour to Lviv have a fun with guide, believe!

You wish to go on tour to Lviv on the weekend, but don’t know the city and don’t want to go alone – guide in Lviv is for you. The personal guide will meet you and accompany you wherever you want. He or she will show you the most interesting places, or make a route you prefer. On our site you can choose a guide that you like: a boy or a girl with similar hobbies. Almost all of our guides know a foreign language and can be translators. We’ll organize your holiday or business trip to Lviv. Do not confuse us with escort services, we have nothing to do with sex service.

Our guide in Lviv will make your tour of Lviv on the weekend unforgettable. You can walk through the old city, to feel colouring of the city, visit the famous Lviv coffee shops and original cafes. Lviv is also rich in refined and themed restaurants. Try unusual dishes and wonderful beer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by a light cheerful temperament of the local people. Lviv – is the cultural city with variety of museums, theaters, operas, modern 3D cinemas and concerts.

guide in Lviv, tour to Lviv on the weekendEntertainment program is even more diverse: entertainment centers, shopping, bowling, horse riding, rope jumping, rock climbing, parachute jumping, and ballooning. Lviv has many cathedrals: Dominican Cathedral, Church of the Jesuits, etc. It is a religious city. Lviv undergrounds are also very popular. You can’t count everything. The city has three parks: Park of “Ascension”, Shevchenko grove, Stryi park – they are different, but very nice and local people like to stroll along there. Our guide in Lviv will show you evening Lviv as well.

You will be charmed. Estimate nightlife of the city, visiting night clubs, pubs and bars. Winter Lviv is also very nice and doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Book a tour to the city on New Year’s holidays with the family or for yourself. You will be delighted and will not forget this trip! We are happy to advise you hotel, hostel or help to rent an apartment.