Top 10 restaurants in Odessa


Bernardazzi – a wine restaurant, the only restaurant in Ukraine, which received the Best of Award of Excellence from the famous Wine Spectator magazine. The institution is located in a cozy courtyard, on the territory of the Odessa Philharmonic. Its building is a monument of architecture. The restaurant menu features dishes of Mediterranean, European and Ukrainian cuisine, as well as an abundant wine list. The restaurant often hosts wine tastings. In the evenings it offers live music.
Address: Bunin Str., 15
Contacts: +38(067)000-25-11
Work time: Mon – Sun from 12:00 to 23:00.
Average check: 700-800 UAH per person.

YACHT – a beach complex, that includes a restaurant, a promenade, a beach, a swimming pool and a children’s location. YACHT is Zarichansk’s family business. Here, you can have a delicious meal, and also spend time with your family in a beautiful place overlooking the sea. Restaurant menu – meat and fish dishes, pasta, rolls, salads. Drinks – homemade sangria, wines of Italy and France, there is a cocktail card.
Address: boulevard Promenade, 1/3 (Fontanka)
Contacts: +38(094)951-90-00
Work time: Mon – Sun from 11:00 to 00:00.
Average check: 400-700 UAH per person.

Kumanets – a restaurant of national cuisine. The menu features traditional Ukrainian dishes. Borsch with donuts, lard, homemade sausage, jelly with horseradish, potato pancakes, dumplings and cabbage rolls are especially popular here. The interior of the institution resembles a Ukrainian village of the XIX century. Here, you can see a rural hut with a wood-burning stove and old utensils such as wooden spinning wheels, earthen jars, mortars and much more. The highlight of the restaurant is its own collection of embroidered towels. Kumanets is an authentic place, full of history and traditions.
Address: Gavanna Str., 7
Contacts: +38(048)237-69-46
Work time: Mon – Sun from 11:00 to 23:00.
Average check: 500-600 UAH per person.

Tavernetta – a restaurant of Italian cuisine from the famous Odessa restaurateur Savva Libkin.
Here, you can order the most delicious pizza and pasta in Odessa, as well as taste ravioli, lasagne and other traditional European cuisine. The establishment is quite popular, we recommend booking a table.
Address: Ekateryninska Str., 45
Contacts: +38(096)234-46-21
Work time: Mon – Sun from 09:00 to 23:00.
Average check: 500-800 UAH per person.

Fratelli – an Italian restaurant located in the center of Odessa. The menu includes dishes of classic Italian cuisine and a rich wine list. Popular dishes include pasta, risotto, octopus and beef carpaccio, as well as rabbit soup with porcini mushrooms. Only organic products are used for cooking. The restaurant has a shop where you can buy cheeses, olive oil and other products brought from Italy itself. This is the place with a pleasant atmosphere and good service. There is a summer terrace too.
Address: Grecheska Str., 17
Contacts: +38(048)738-48-48
Work time: Mon – Sun from 09:00 to 00:00.
Average check: 700-800 UAH per person.

Kotelok – Mussels Bar. Gourmet seafood restaurant. Here, you can also taste “rapan”, “tulka” and fresh fish catch in season. The main dish of the establishment – mussels in a kettle with various sauces, french fries and a toasted baguette. You will be offered more than twenty kinds of beer, including craft beer. The restaurant is the winner of the SALT-2016 award.
Address: Sadova Str., 17
Contacts: +38(067)931-00-30
Work time: Mon – Sun from 11:00 to 23:00.
Average check: 400-700 UAH per person.

Panorama – a refined restaurant located on the terrace of the 6th floor of the RESORT & SPA HOTEL NEMO with dolphins. The menu includes European and Pan-Asian dishes, a rich wine list, and a wide selection of cocktails. Panoramic views of the Langeron Beach Embankment, the sea breeze and live music will add some extra pleasure. Here you can watch the sunset or enjoy the sunrise. After all, the restaurant is open around the clock! Panorama is a restaurant where you can spend time with friends or arrange a romantic evening for your loved ones.
Address: Langeron Beach, 25
Contacts: +38(048)705-70-87
Work time: 24/7
Average check: 600-900 UAH per person.

Dacha – Savva Libkin’s original restaurant with vintage decor and garden. It is so cozy and atmospheric, that you feel like a real summer resident. Menu – classic Odessa cuisine, prepared with knowledge of the matter.
Address: Frantsuzky Boulevard, 85
Contacts: +38(067)482-14-30
Work time: Mon – Sun from 09:00 to 23:00.
Average check: 500-700 UAH per person.

Terrace. Sea View – a restaurant located on the Black Sea coast. Thanks to the interior and the spacious terrace overlooking the sea, the place quickly became popular among Odessa citizens and guests of the city. The menu offers dishes of European, Mediterranean and Thai cuisine with an unusual presentation in the fusion style. The restaurant uses modern methods of preparation, including suvid and josperi WOK. In addition, there is a wide range of alcoholic beverages and a hookah menu. In the evenings there is live music.
Address: Langeron Beach, 1-b
Contacts: +38(073)735-57-40
Work time: Mon – Sun from 09:00 to 00:00.
Average check: 700-1000 UAH per person.

Franzol – a restaurant with unique cuisine, which serves purely Odessa dishes of different nationalities. When you visit the place, make sure you try “mother’s borshch” with sour cream, fried bullheads Odessa style, and creamy chocolate mousse for dessert. The restaurant has an open terrace, where live music is played in the evenings. The colorful interior, pleasant atmosphere and local dishes will cheer up guests who are welcomed here.
Address: Zhvanetsky Boulevard
Contacts: +38(048)700-01-44
Work time: Mon – Sun from 09:00 to 22:00.
Average check: 500-700 UAH per person.