Odessa catacombs tour

Odessa catacombs tour

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We invite you to visit one of the world’s unique attractions – Odessa catacombs on Moldavanka. In helmets and with flashlights, you will go to the dungeon, going down to the depth of an 8-storey building. You will see an anti-nuclear bunker, underground lakes, bones of ancient animals and other finds of cavers. You will hear stories about the foundation of quarries, the slave trade, smugglers, as well as the partisan movement during the Second World War. To visit the museum you must have a jacket / windbreaker and comfortable shoes. The temperature in the caves is + 15C. You can order individual excursions. Duration – 2-2,5 hours.


The Kantakuzen Catacomb Museum – is opened in the Quarantine Beam Quarry (Karantynna Balka). This is the oldest quarry in Odessa (1811-1814). It is located on the right slope of the Quarantine Beam Quarry and is a monument of national importance. The length of the quarry is 120 m, and its depth reaches up to 15 m. The museum’s expositions will tell about the mining and furnace business, about brick production, about the first buildings in Odessa and about the history of the Kantakuzen catacomb. All exhibits are unique. The age of some surviving objects is 200 years. You can order excursion individually by appointment. Duration: 30 minutes.

Caves and labyrinths – a branch of the museum “Catacombs of Moldavanka”. The tour passes through the underground corridors of the bunker, built back in the 1930s. You will pass through the labyrinths with many passages, where you will see a karst cave above human height, as well as preserved locations equipped for military premises. In addition, you will learn how to navigate the terrain and participate in archaeological excavations. Camping clothes and comfortable shoes are a must. Children under 10-12 are not allowed! It is possible to conduct individual excursions (by appointment). Duration: 2,5-3 hours.

Wild catacombs – a long-distance route through the underground labyrinths of quarries located on Moldavanka. This tour will be interesting for fans of light extreme sports. Having descended to a depth of 20m, first we will go through the museum, where we will see the main expositions, from the birth of the catacombs to the partisan movement. After, we will get into the depths of the dungeons of Odessa, going beyond the usual excursions. Here you will see a bunker for 5 thousand people, a diesel engine, a real partisan parking lot, and other interesting objects. The tour is conducted individually (by appointment). Children under 14 are not allowed! Comfortable clothing and sports shoes are a must. Duration: 3,5-4 hours.

Museum of Partisan Glory – operates since 1969 in the catacombs located in the village of Nerubayskoe (14 km from Odessa). This is a memorial complex dedicated to the partisan movement. During the Second World War, the Nerubayskoe catacombs served as a location of the Molodtsov detachment of 70 soldiers walled up here by Romanian soldiers. Today, among the exhibits in the museum you can see personal belongings of the partisans, wartime household items, staff equipment, weapons, documents and photographs. The museum is open daily; Monday is a day off.