Jewish Odessa tour

Jewish Odessa tour

We invite you to join one of the most popular excursionsJewish Odessa. We will tell you what mark the Jewish people left in the history of the city, giving it a special image. We will walk along the streets where Sholom Aleichem, Babel, Ilf, Bialik, Zhvanetsky and Kartsev used to live and work. You will learn what contribution was made by Odessa-Jews to the development of Odessa. The excursion is a walking one. It can be conducted in the center or in the area of Moldavanka. Duration – 2 hours.


The history of Odessa is inextricably linked with the history of the Jewish people who settled here from the first days of the city’s inception. The Jewish community made a huge contribution not only to development, but also to the appearance of the city, known throughout the world for its unique atmosphere. Having absorbed cultures of various nationalities, it is difficult to imagine Odessa without Jewish culture, which left its mark on the Odessa ethnos, which gave rise to such phenomena as the Odessa language, Odessa literature, and Odessa cuisine. Playing an important role in the life of South Palmyra, Jews are rightfully considered to be its indigenous inhabitants.

The Jewish Odessa is a way of life, traditions, a specific mentality; characteristic humor, and, of course, a peculiar speech inherent from Odessa-Jews.

So, after the decree of Catherine II on allowing Jews to settle in Odessa, no one assumed that in half a century they would be among the wealthiest people of the city – these were entrepreneurs, bankers, major merchants, and workshop owners. Along with the prosperity of the city, the Jewish diaspora also increased, becoming one of the largest in the country. At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries Jews made up a third of the local population. Here synagogues and prayer houses, Jewish schools and hospitals were opened, as well as the Zionist revisionist movement was founded. Outstanding world-renowned Jews lived and worked here, including writers, scholars, and public figures.

It is worth saying that it is in Odessa that the state of Israel originates from. In 1890 the Odessa Palestinian Committee was founded, which made its first contribution to a fund purchasing of land in Jerusalem. In 1904 Geula, – a company involved in the acquisition of land in Palestine, was founded. Subsequently, Tel Aviv arose on one of the purchased sites, the first mayor of which was the founder of Geula – M. Dizengoff. In memory of these events, a memorial plaque was erected at 12 Nechipurenko Lane, where the office was located.

Today, a daily life of modern Odessa is not complete without Jewish intonations, jokes, enterprises, economy, customs and recipes of kosher food. Every year, tourists from different countries, including emigrants, visit an amazing port city in order to plunge into its original atmosphere.

If you want to hear fascinating stories about the formation of Odessa Jewry, about famous Odessa Jews, their achievements and discoveries, as well as to visit memorable places associated with them, then join our excursions.