Odessa bazaars

Privoz – the food market, located near the Odessa railway station. It’s a hallmark of the city and the “must visit” place (Pryvozna str.). It appeared in 1827, when a large bazaar, where they sold imported goods, was opened. Hence the name of the market – Pryvoz. In 1913, the Fruit Passage was erected on the territory of the market, the buildings of which today are an architectural monument. In the 1990s, a major reconstruction was carried out – new pavilions were built. In 2007, shops were opened and were called “New Pryvoz”. Privoz is an authentic place. Here you can buy anything you want. Just do not forget to bargain.

Starokonka – the oldest Odessa market, located on Moldavanka (Raskidailivska street). It ppeared in 1833, in the city outskirts of those days and was called “the cattle market,” which sold cattle, horses and other domestic animals. When in the 1850s, a new market for the sale of livestock appeared next to the current Privoz, the old one was called Starokonny or Starokonka. Gradually, the market was built up and started selling bread, vegetables and various products. However, first of all, Starokonka was known as a bird market, where you could buy pets. In the 1930s, a flea market appeared nearby. Today the Starokonny market is one of the most authentic sights of Odessa. Here you will find rare books, antiques, coins, housewares and many interesting things.

New bazaar – one of the oldest markets in Odessa, founded in 1812. It is an architectural monument (26 Torgovaya St.). In the 1840s the first trading corps with open galleries were built in the square where the market was. In the 1890s, covered enclosures with large trading halls, preserved to this day, were erected on the territory. It was believed that at the New Market it was possible to buy any products necessary for the Odessa housewife. Such writers as Konstantin Paustovsky, Yuri Olesha and Vladimir Sosyura wrote about it in their works. It was here that the country’s first wine-making station was established in 1905, as indicated by a memorial plaque on the building. With the advent of Soviet power, market premises were used for holding meetings, concerts and rallies, and in 1928 a workers’ cooperative was located here. In the 1990s, the market building was privatized and rebuilt. Today, just like many years ago, the New Market is open to buyers. Here you will find food and non-food items. A number of services are also offered, for example, sewing and repairing clothes, shoes and other small services.

7th km – a well-known industrial goods open market in Ukraine, located near Odessa on the 7th km of the Ovidiopolska road (official name – the Industrial Goods Market). It has been open since 1989 and is considered to be the largest wholesale and retail market in Europe. It covers an area of 75 hectares (!). At first, in the dashing 90s, the first entrepreneurs traded in various deficit goods here. Over time, the market grew trade and warehouse infrastructure, gradually becoming a whole trading town. Today, the 7th km is visited daily by over 100 thousand buyers. This is where you will find anything you want and at the most attractive prices. Interestingly, the world’s largest billboard is located in its territory. The huge “7 km” inscription can be seen even from space and viewed from a height of 40 km.