Sightseeing tour in Odessa

Sightseeng tour Odessa

We conduct sightseeing tours in Odessa, where you get acquainted with the history of the city and see main attractions and highlights – Potemkin Stairs, Opera House, Vorontsov Palace, Monument to Duke, Sea Port and so on. A sightseeing tour is walking and takes a place in the center of Odessa. Duration – 2-3 hours.

Map of Odessa Center

Sightseeng ecxursion Odessa


Our company offers you to visit one of the most popular excursions – the sightseeing tour in Odessa.

Odessa is the southern port city on the Black Sea coast, famous for its rich history, architectural monuments, cultural events, beach holidays, entertainment industry and multinational cuisine. Every year Odessa becomes more interesting and attractive not only to travelers, but also to business people. Thus, the fDi Magazine recognized Odessa as a promising European city, putting it at the 4th place in the rating.

Odessa is, first of all, a tourist city. Every year thousands of tourists come here from all over the world. So if you are one of them, then, of course, you want to get acquainted with the city and book a sightseeing tour around Odessa. It should be noticed that the central part of Odessa is a unique sample of urban development, which originates from the port, built according to the plan of the first architect de Volan. The historical center is a subject of special pride of Odessa citizens. It is not surprising that the center of Odessa with its architectural masterpieces is planned to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Each of you can immediately name the main sights of Odessa, which today are the hallmarks of the city. The first one on the list will be the Opera House, famous all over the world and marked by Forbes as one of the extraordinary buildings of Eastern Europe. Well, is there anyone who hasn’t heard of the legendary Potemkin Stairs? This unique construction is one of the most beautiful objects in Europe. Dozens of films were shot here, and the Potemkin Stairs was awarded the title of the “Heritage of European Cinema Culture”.

And, finally, the first monument erected in Odessa is the monument to Duke, which became not only a symbol of the city, but also its talisman. There is a belief that if you rub a bag of money depicted on one of the high reliefs of the monument, then your financial part will soon get improved. Odessa citizens could not ignore the sculpture itself and they make fun of it by saying “Look at Duke!” And what lies behind these words, you will find out for yourself, after joining our sightseeing tour around Odessa.

During the tour, in addition to the main attractions, you will also see the mansions of the Count families of the Potockis and the Tolstykhs, as well as the Shah Palace, the Main Synagogue and other architectural objects. We will compulsory walk along Derybasivska, Rishelievska, Grecheska and the famous Primorsky Boulevard, where Pushkin, Babel and Utyosov once walked. During the tour, you will hear the history of the seaport; learn about the outstanding citizens, as well as many facts known only to the citizens of Odessa. Excursion duration is 2-3 hours.

If we still have some strength remaining to continue our journey, we will explore the underground grotto of the Potocki Palace or the oldest quarry in Odessa called the Catacomb of Kantacuzene.

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