Odessa embankment tour

Odessa embankment tour

We invite you to join our individual tours around Odessa, which take place in picturesque areas along the Black Sea coast – Lanzheron, Arcadia, Big Fountain. We will go along the route of the Health Track, where you will see the NEMO dolphinarium, the beaches of Otrada and Dolphin, the old cable car, a fabulous tunnel lined with mosaics, and much more. It’s gonna be a walking tour. If you do not like to walk for a long time, we can ride along the alley on an open tram. For cycling fans, we can conduct a bike tour. Duration – 3 hours.

Map of Odessa embankment

Map of Odessa embankment


The embankment of Odessa is one of the main attractions of the coastal city. Picturesque landscapes and sea air attract thousands of tourists at any time of the year and in any weather in order to take a promenade along the coast, enjoy the pleasant sea breeze, and be filled with the vitalizing energy of the Black Sea.

In the XIX century most of the Odessa embankment was a high cliff with a rocky edge off the coast. Natural slopes to the sea were on the outskirts, for instance, in areas such as Arcadia or Luzanovka. Due to the fact that Arcadia was in the palangon, it was possible to go to the beach, bypassing the slopes. Already at the end of the XIX century. they launched a horse tram that ran along the French Boulevard, past the Gagarinsky plateau. With the development of the coastal line baths were built.

Lanzheron is an old, closest to the city center beach, named after the mayor A. Lanzheron, whose cottage was located on the cape. In the 1930s, the area was reconstructed by strengthening the slopes and dismantling the debris from the devastating landslide that happened in 1918. In addition, a new descent to the sea was laid. It was decorated with sculptures, with two white balls were installed. Only the front gate in the form of an arch (1830) remained from the former dacha of the count.

At the turn of the 1950s and 1960s, large-scale works to fortify the coastal zone and to improve the resort started. Odessa beaches acquired a modern look only in the 1960-1970s. 12 km of sandy beaches were washed up, concrete piers and breakwaters were built, as well as locker rooms and wooden trestle beds were installed. The coastline from Lanzheron to the Big Fountain, in fact, has become one solid city beach.

Today, the total length of Odessa beaches is 20 km. Their area is 42.65 ha. Resort areas include: Lanzheron, Otrada, Dolphin, Arcadia, Chaika, Golden Coast and the Big Fountain. Natural beaches are Kryzhanovka, Luzanovka, Peresypsky, Kovalevsky dacha and Chernomorka. A coastal line from the Black Sea to the Kovalevsky Dacha houses “wild” places where you can be alone with nature.

A famous Health Route connects Lanzheron and Arcadia. This picturesque alley with a length of 6 km (!) has long become a favorite place for outdoor activities of Odessa residents. Here you can walk and ride a bike or an electric car. There is also a climbing wall and various sports grounds. Walking along the alley, you will notice the cable car leading from Otrada to French Boulevard. Make sure to take a ride on the “cable car”, as it opens a simply amazing panorama.

Arcadia is the most popular resort in Odessa with attractions, restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs, as well as a water park and a light and music fountain. Every year, from the first days of May to the beginning of October, life here goes on 24/7. Fans of night parties come from all over Ukraine and Europe to visit famous discos of “Ithaca” and “Ibiza”, where the stars of Ukrainian and foreign show business often perform.

Odessa embankment is not only the sea, but also tons of entertainment, good mood and an endless holiday of summer. If you want to recharge with positive emotions, make sure to come to Odessa! Our guide will accompany you making your journey unforgettable!