Interesting places around Dnipro city

We conduct tours around the outskirts of Dnipro and tourist places of Dnipro city. We offer variety of such objects: the Sholokhov Waterfall, the largest ostrich farm in Europe, the Petrikov Painting Museum, the Cossack capital – Zaporizhzhia, etc. Read more about objects on this page.
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Map of interesting places around Dnipro city

Dnipro outcity excursions are an opportunity to get acquainted with the outskirts of the city, to see picturesque places, unique natural phenomena of the Dnipro region, as well as to visit the nearby large cities of Dnipro.

If on arrival to Dnipro, you have several spare days left, we offer you to visit one of the most striking sights marked by travelers.

In the outskirts of Dnipro (former village of Chapli), there is a burial ground called the Chaplinsky mound. These are ancient Slavic burials discovered by archaeologists in 1950, that belong to the Copper Age, as well as to Mesolithic and Neolithic eras. It is interesting that in addition to the remains, there were found decorations from copper, shells and coins from river mollusks, which served as a monetary unit. The mound is considered to be the highest point on the left bank of the Dnieper, where a geodetic mark is installed.

18 km from Dnipro, in the village of Stari Kodaky, the remains of the ramparts of the Kodak fortress, built in the 17th century by Polish King Wladyslaw IV, are preserved. The fortress served as a fortification for the Zaporizhzhia Cossacks, traveling to Turkey and the Crimea, and prevented the escape of the serfs. Subsequently, a village called Old Kodaky appeared near the citadel. In memory of the capture by the Cossacks of the fortress in 1648, a stela was established here. In 1944, the Kodaky fortress was demolished, and a quarry was built in its place. Today this place is not only picturesque, but also saturated with a unique atmosphere.

The Dnipro region has its own nature wonder – the Mavrinsky Maidan. This object in the form of a huge earth crab with dimensions of 5.5 hectares appeared in the II millennium BC and is included in the list of archaeological sites (66 km from Dnipro). The peculiarity of the Maidan lies in its correct shape – the mustache sof the so-called crab are clearly directed to the east, west and south. They explain that the Mavrinsky Maidan was once used as a meter, showing the location of the sun at different times of the year. Today, people often come here to enjoy the sunset or the beauty of nature. Locals assure that the Maidan possesses a strong healing energy.

Everyone heard about the Petrykivka painting, but few people know where it came from. So, it appeared in the village of Petrykivka, located 54 km from Dnipro, and has been known since the 19th century. Petrykivka painting – the cultural heritage of the country, is included in the UNESCO list as the heritage of mankind. There is a museum in the village where you can learn about this painting by visiting decorative art lessons. Annually, the “Petrykivka miracle color” festival is held Petrykivka.

Within a radius of 150 km from Dnipro, some of the largest industrial cities of Ukraine are located. They are Krivyi Rih, Kamianske, Pavlograd, Zaporizhzhia. In addition to industry, each city has its own history and attractions. For example, Zaporizhzhia is known both for the foundation of the Zaporizhzhia Sich here, and for its Khortytsia island. Today, the Zaporizhzhia Sich Museum is operating on the island. It is a reconstruction of the Cossack fort of the XVI-XVIII centuries, where tourists can get acquainted with the culture and life of Zaporizhzhia Cossacks.

Obviously, we named only some of the fascinating places that are worth seeing. By ordering one of our out-of-town excursions around Dnipro, you can also visit the largest ostrich farm in Europe, go to the Sholokhov cascade waterfall or the Salty Liman, which has healing properties.

We will organize for you a tour around Dnipro (the city of fountains), its environs and throughout the Dnipro region. We will take into consideration any of your wishes, while our guides will accompany you, making the trip bright and unforgettable.