Kiev Upper (Old) town tour

Kiev Upper (Old) town tour

We invite you to visit the Old (Upper) town tour, where Kyiv originates from. If this is your first time in the capital, then this excursion is for you! During the walk, you will learn about foundation of the city, about the princes and shrines of Kyiv; see the Golden Gate, St. Sophia and St. Michael’s Cathedrals, and Dytynets; as well as walk along St. Andrew’s Descent – another Montmartre in Kyiv. Additionally, you can visit the historical museum, one-street museum or Bulgakov Museum. We also offer thematic tours, such as “French charm of Kyiv”, “Walking around Volodymyrska”, etc. Duration – 2-3 hours.

Map of the Old city

Upper town Kiev map


Tours in Old Kiev usually start from the Upper City. This part of the city has an ancient past and rich history. After acquainting yourself with the history of Kyiv on this route, you will be able to decide for yourself what else further you should see. Due to the many objects and its importance, it is not always possible to adjust to the taste of each guest, if you order a group excursion.

Let us dwell on the most significant objects on this Old Kiev tour:

Detynets (the foundation of ancient Kyiv) is a key object. The story of origin dates back to the distant past. The first mentions date back to the VI century. Volodymyr the Great founded the city here in the 10th century, as evidenced by the numerous foundations that have survived to the present day. Fans of the history of Kyivan Rus have much to see and hear at this site.

The Golden Gate also has a rich history. They were the main entrance gates to ancient Kyiv. They were built in 1037 by the decree of Prince Yaroslav the Wise. These are the only gates that have survived to the present days in the best possible way. Reconstruction allows you to judge about the size of the gates and earthen ramparts around Kyiv. Fans of fortifications here will be interested to hear the subtleties of military affairs of those times and examine this object themselves. There is a museum on the territory of the Golden Gate.

St. Sophia’s Cathedral was also built by Yaroslav the Wise in 1037. Until now, preserved in its original form along with the Vydubytsky Monastery on Pechersk. Graffiti, mosaics and frescos of those times have survived. For those who wish, you can book an individual excursion through the territory of the cathedral.

St. Michael’s Cathedral was founded in 1108 by the grandson of Yaroslav the Wise – Prince Svyatopolk Izyaslavovych. It was the second pilgrimage place in Kyiv after the Pechersk Lavra. It was blown up with the advent of Soviet power and restored in 2000. There is a museum on the territory.

Andriivsky Descent was in the times of Kyivan Rus  the road, connecting the Upper and Lower City (Podil). The buildings of those times were not preserved, but the buildings of the XIX – XX centuries give this place a special atmosphere.

Special attention deserves the Opera House, opened in 1901. At one time, Fyodor Shalyapin himself performed here. The theatre is famous for its opera singers and ballet troupe, which are invited to perform in many countries. Our guide will be able to make you a company for any performance.

Fans of the park zone will be interested in a walk through the Shevchenko park, and dreamers of admiring fabulous characters on the Landscape Avenue and look at Kyiv from the heights. For connoisseurs of architecture, we propose to walk along the Yaroslav’s Val Street and adjacent to it.

All excursions around Old Kyiv will be accompanied by a guide with knowledge in the area that you are interested in.