Excursion around Pechersk

Excursion around Pechersk

We conduct individual excursions around Pechersk. This is a historical place where you will see the majestic and most significant objects of the capital – Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Monument to Woman Motherland, Vydubytsky and Zvirynetsky monasteries, Askold’s grave, as well as remains of the Kyivv fortress. You can order both a sightseeing tour around the district, and a thematic one by choosing one of the listed objects.
Duration – 2-3 hours.

Map of Pechersk

Pechersk map


An excursion to the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra can be combined with a visit to other objects along Pechersk. The first mention in the annals is associated with the arrival of monk Antony on these lands in 1051 and settled in one of the caves of the future monastery. Later, the Lavra appears.

Askold’s grave has an even more ancient history. When the Varangian prince Rurik was invited to reign on the Russian lands in the 9th century, his two brothers set out on boats with their army in the direction of Constantinople. On the way, they saw the wonderful lands of Ancient Kyiv and decided to reign here. After the death of Rurik, his young son Igor with his guardian Oleg and his army went to Kyiv. Cunningly luring the brothers to the banks of the Dnipro, Oleg killed them. A crypt was built on this place.

A tour around Pechersk can be combined with a visit to the Vydubytsky Monastery. It also has an ancient history. It was founded in the XI century by the son of Yaroslav the Wise Prince Vsevolod. To the present days, the main temple of the monastery (1070 year) has been partially preserved. Also, the name of this place is associated with the drowning of the idol of Perun by Volodymyr the Great, who “dumped” on the shore in this place.

Numerous remains of fortifications of the Kyiv fortress are scattered all over the territory of Pechersk. It is considered to be the second largest in the world stone-earth fortress structure and the first preserved to this day. In the best form, the hospital fortification “Oblique Caponier” has been preserved. On its territory there are two museums,. Earth shafts have been restored to the life size. It is better not to mix excursions to the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and fortresses in order to be able to inspect properly everything.

The Plant “Arsenal”  is directly related to the Pechersk fortress, where guns and other implements were manufactured and repaired. Now the museum complex “Mystetsky Arsenal” operates on this territory, where exhibitions and festivals are often held. If you want, our guide will study the program and make you a company.

Nature lovers will be interested to visit the botanical garden and admire the expanses of the left bank of Kyiv in the park of Eternal Glory.

On the Motherland territory there are several museums dedicated to different wars, and at the top of the stele there are several viewing platforms.

Excursion around Pechersk can be made individually, in order to fully take into account your interests and keep in the necessary time. According to your tastes we will pick you a congenial guide!