Excursion around New Development in Kiev

New development Kiev excursion

We invite you for excursions on excursion around New Development – one of the central areas of Kyiv. We will walk along the streets of Shota Rustaveli, Velyka Vasylkivska and Saksahanskogo. You will learn about the origin of the region and the construction of the New Pechersk Fortress; will see the KYIV cinema, the Operetta, the Brodsky synagogue, the St. Nicholas Church and the main sports arena of Ukraine – the NSC Olimpiysky, which houses the Klitschko Brothers Museum (visits by appointment). Duration – 2 hours.

Map of the New Development

New development Kiev map


This tour will introduce you to the New Development. Many objects appeared due to the construction of the New Pechersk fortress and the relocation of residents to other territories. So in such way Saksaganskogo, Velyka Vasylkivska, Antonovycha, Shota Rustavelli streets, Victory Square, etc appeared in Kiev. The time of construction started on the beginning of the XIX century and continues to our days. Below are the most significant objects, although there are actually more of them (see here):

St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral (1909) is also the house of organ and chamber music. The church is unique with its acoustics and custom-made organ (up to 4000 pipes). Here the divine services of the Roman Catholic community are held, and on certain days – organ music concerts.

The Kiev Polytechnic Institute (1898) can be identified as an independent unit of an excursion around New Development. It is the largest university in Ukraine, has 33 educational buildings, 20 dormitories, a huge park area, a large number of monuments and sculptures. In one of the old buildings there is a museum with different directions of science and technology, there is a palace of culture where various concerts and events are held.

The Brodsky Synagogue (1898) has its interesting construction history, which you will be told at the sightseeing excursion in Kiev. Maecenas was the millionaire Lazar Brodsky, who also built the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the Paton Institute, the Bessarabian Market, the Operetta Theatre. In the synagogue there is a museum in which fragments of the Torah scrolls of the II-V centuries, tfillins, old books, mezuzahs, candlesticks, etc. are kept.

NSC “Olympic Stadium” (1923) is one of the largest stadiums in Europe. Holds 70050 spectators. Received the highest status from UEFA. Back in 1914, the 1st Russian Olympiad was held at this place with the participation of athletes from all over the Russian Empire. On the territory of the sports complex there is an exhibition-museum “Achievements of the Klychko brothers” (free entry, but by appointment). If you wish, we will arrange a visit for you. If you want, you can look from the height to the stadium, it’s best to do it from the territory of the hospital fortification “Kosyi kaponir”, especially in the evening with a glass of champagne.

The excursion includes a number of other sights of the New development – operetta theatre, circus, the Dovzhenko film studio. For fans of shopping, you can visit the shopping and entertainment complexes “Ocean Plaza” and “Gulliver”.