Mystical Kiev

Mystical Kiev excursion

Join our unusually mysterious tours of the capital. Mystical Kyiv, covered with centuries-old legends and mysterious stories, will reveal its secrets and show you places of power. During the tour, we will visit the Starokyivska Mountain, that stores the energy of our ancestors; learn the secrets of St. Andrew’s Church, Richard Castle and Bulgakov’s house; and climb Khoryvytsia, where everyone can make a wish that will certainly come true. There are several routes included in Mystical Kyiv tour. This tour can be held in the Old Town, Lypky or Pechersk (see objects below). Duration – 2-3 hours.


Kyiv is a fantastic, mystical and full of mysteries city. Here, you will find holy places with cursed tracts, places to make a wish along with spots of tortures, modern history and ghosts from the past side by side.

Few citizens of Kiev are aware that there are several Bald Mountains (places where occult organizations converge on rites) in Kiev. Obviously visitors get into different funny situations, since they even have no idea what kind of house they have settled in and in what area they decided to take a walk. So, all the mysticism of Kiev can not be covered even in a week of a busy excursions program.

Kiev is full of “devil’s crossroads” and churches where demons cast out. There are places with treasures buried. That is exactly where the lightning strikes constantly, attracted by non-ferrous metals. In the enchanted Green Theater, there is a labyrinth of mysterious tunnels that spreads all over the Grand City where mysterious Master watches the uninvited guests.

Since ancient times, our ancestors lived in peace with nature. They have built a number of pagan temples where they used to worship the forces of nature and bring gifts to Perun (God of thunder and lightning), to Yarylo (God of the spring sun), to Veles (God of animals), to Ra (God of sun), to Svarog (God-blacksmith), to Dazhd-God (God of fertility) and others . In modern Kiev there are several pagan temples: on Kievitsa Bald Mountain, on Divych Bald Mountain, and on Zamkova Bald Mountain.

By the way, we usually call pagans all the currents not included in the three main religions – Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. However, it’s is not really right, because, for instance, on Zamkova Bald Mountain you will find a new temple for worshiping our founders Kiy, Shchek, Khoryv and their sister Lybid who are actually humans!!! Every individual gets affected by places of power in different ways, and each witch has their own Bald Mountain.

There are also healing springs and ancient trees that fulfill desires in Kiev.
Of course, numerous beliefs encourage modern people to create mystical castles, such as the Chateau Mystique on the outskirts of Kiev or the Witch Kettle Cafe on Lvivska Square. People have fun and joke there while being watched by the invisible forces from the parallel world.

Especially blurred borderline between the worlds is the one on the Zamkova Bald Mountain, where invisible eyes of ghosts are watching you from behind each bush. Their presence is so obvious that you willy-nilly get into a spiritual session. Here, ghosts are so real that sometimes they join the excursions. Two years ago they even saved tourists’ lives during a fire.

After an excursion around the mystical Kiev, even the most sarcastic people start seeing more than previously. However alas, not all the creatures of flesh and blood have respect to the invisible. Therefore, more often than not there emerge obscure organizations, such as satanists, occultists, devil worshipers, black masses, the Order of Baphomet, and others, which desecrate the magic places for communication with spirits. These organizations ruin the aura of the Bald Mountains by carrying out bloody rituals and rites aimed at harming other people.

Since ancient times, our ancestors believed in hostile powers, or the spirits of water which used to reside in the marshes, rivers and lakes. The toponymy of the city has changed. In the place of a bay now there is a residential area of Obolon, and the Goat Marsh has become the Maidan Nezalezhnosti. We imprisoned most of the rivers in sewers, thereby limiting the energy of the water element. Anyway, it did not disappear and did not hide. Instead, it keeps gaining momentum and accumulating. People don’t believe it though, because they can’t see the invisible world.

We play with fire by establishing secret societies. We use magic signs for wrong purposes, such as placing the Pentagram on the badge of the Little Octobrists. We adorn the monuments with Masonic symbols, even without knowing their meaning. Thus, the all-seeing eye – a symbol of the Etalon Bank – was put on the Monument to movie characters Pronia Prokopovna and Golokhvastov, and the statue of Prince Vladimir on the Vladimir’s Hill was decorated with a picket and the head of Baphomet.

Kiev is abundant in secret and mysterious structures, such as the tunnel under the Dnieper. Many people think that it’s only stories until they appear at the entrance to the flooded tunnel on Zhukiv Island, which extends right up to the centre of the Dnieper … The bravest get into collectors with diggers and travel underneath Kiev, finding ancient manuscripts and walls covered with runes. However, such extreme trips are very dangerous and require excellent fitness and endurance.

Many famous mystical geniuses used to live and work In Kiev. Among them: Mikhail Bulgakov, Gogol, the architect Vladyslav Gorodetskyi (the author and the owner of the House with the Chimeras), the artist Mikhail Vrubel (the creator of the “Demon” and others paintings). Their lives are full of mysteries, and their creations – full of mysteries, which are so hard to solve.

However, most of the tourists are attracted to abandoned buildings and houses where no one lives for some mysterious reason. Richard’s The Lionheart Castle, located on Andriivskyi Uzviv near the house of Mikhail Bulgakov opposite the Bald Mountain, is one of the most mysterious buildings of mystical Kiev. It all started with the revenge of the builders who mounted the bits of glass and eggshells into the ventilation. The study found a mysterious cave right next to the castle, and the ceremony of “foundation” perfectly suits the description of the house curse consequences.

Actually not all the cursed places look ominous and frightening. Thus, the “Metrograd” shopping mall was built inside the cemetery of the Bessarabian market, and the office premises are now located in the ghosts house of “Sulymivka”. The “Cradle of the Spirit” with the depiction of Kronos, who has eaten all his children has become the place for the residential apartments. People don’t even think about the consequences. It’s quite dangerous.

That’s why there are so many churches in Kiev that block negative energy.
That’s why the guardian of Kiev – Archangel Michael – is the only archangel with a sword in his hands.
That’s why every second woman in Kiev is a witch. And this is not an exaggeration.
Kievan women know more than they say. They possess the secrets.