Lviv tour package

Welcome to the 3-4-days tour to Lviv.

The duration and program of the tour can be changed according to your wishes.
Below we recommend the program for 4-days tour.

Tour features:

  • Old Lviv. Austrian Lviv during government of Habsburg’s Empire. Polish Lviv of the gentry period. Jewish Lviv – the center of Jewish Galicia. Armenian Lviv and the heritage of the Armenian community.
  • Lychakiv cemetery – the oldest necropolis in Europe, where the crypts and burials of famous personalities have been preserved. Luxurious family crypts and pompous monuments turned the necropolis into an open-air museum.
  • Castles of Lviv region – the most romantic castles of Ukraine. Medieval atmosphere, picturesque reserves, the history of castles and their owners.
  • Thematic and creative locations to visit.


The 1st day. Welcome to Lviv!

Meeting guests at the airport, transfer to the hotel.

The driver will meet you at the exit from the airport and get to the hotel (travel time: 40-60 minutes). At the hotel your curator will meet you to agree tour details with you.

If you have the strength and desire, we propose you walking around Lviv and visiting one of the local establishments for a delicious cocktail.

The 2nd day. City tour.

During the City tour (duration: 2-3 hours) you will see Old city – Austrian, Polish, Jewish and Armenian Lviv with its own architecture, as well as cathedrals of different religions. We will definitely pause for tea, coffee or hot chocolate. It is known, that Lviv is European center of coffee and chocolate;)

After the tour, you will definitely get hungry. The guide will recommend you several good establishments with different prices and cuisine.




Party tour (3-4-5 hours).

In the evening we will go to hang out in the hot spots of Lviv. We will book a table in a restaurant, bar or the best nightclub to certainly get into them (we agree with you the locations). We will also visit other interesting places on the way – pubs, secret bars, etc.
Possibly you would like to get acquainted with someone at the party-tour. Our guide can easily help you in this case.

The 3rd day. Excursions to choose:

We recommend visiting the Lychakiv Cemetery, the national museum-reserve, and Lviv undergrounds. The duration of both excursions is 4-5 hours. Also we advise you to go on a one-day tour of the castles of Lviv region.

Dinner at the thematic establishment.

After the tour, we invite you visiting one of the Lviv establishments, where you will taste delicious food, and also you will have an entertainment program.

The 4th day. Gastrotour.

Lviv is one of the gastronomic centers of Europe. You should definitely taste the local cuisine. Here, there are many restaurants with interesting interiors and unusual serving of dishes. You will be surprised;)

Before the gastronomic tour, you can take a thematic excursion or visit museum.

Prices for services (approximately):

  • Hotel accommodation (3 *, 4 *) – from 30 € per night (double room).
  • Accommodation in hostel – from 6-8 €/person per night.
  • Lunch in a restaurant — 5-10 € per person.
  • Lunch in catering establishments — 5-7 € per person.
  • Transfer from airport – from 20 €.
  • Sightseeing tour – from 100 € (a walking tour).
  • Entertaining tour – from 150 € + related costs (drinks, entrance fees, etc.).
  • Thematic excursion — from 100 €.
  • Gastrotour – from 100 € + related costs (drinks, meal).

The estimated cost of the tour (4 days/3 nights):

  • 500-700 € per person (from 1 to 3 guests);
  • 400-500 € per person (from 4 or more guests).

Included: hotel accommodation, meals, transfer to/from the airport, 2 excursions, party-tour + related costs, support service 24/7.
Not included: air tickets, dinner in a restaurant.