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Almost all of our kiev ukraine guide 20 $ per hour know a foreign language and can not only conduct personal or group tour, but also can be your interpreter. Kiev guide – is young and active person who loves and knows Kiev. All of them have an attestation tour and may conduct tours on various subjects ranging from the historic to the entertainment. This may include a variety of activities that interest you.

This can be horse riding, rest in night clubs and much more. We chose polite and good-natured people with whom you will be happy and fun to chat. Our Kiev guides conduct tours – and nothing else. We are not an escort service, so do not suggest sex and suchlike. Kiev – is very big and beautiful city.

There are hundreds of interesting places that are worth seeing: Sophia Cathedral, Park “Kiev in miniature” (in which you’ll feel like Goliath among maquettes of famous Kiev buildings), Botanical Garden, Independence Square, and Truhanov Island – we can’t count everything. You can come with your family and children. Our Kiev Ukraine guide will plan such a route that your children have an amazing time and will remember this journey for a long time.

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