Excursions in Kyiv region

Kiev region excursion

We organize individual tours around Kyiv and the region. We conduct out-of-town excursions to such popular places as Mezhyhiria, Pyrohovo, Kyiv Rus Park, etc. In addition, we offer excursions to the cities in Kyiv region: Bila Tserkva, Pereyaslav, Bohuslav, Buky and others. Particular attention of tourists is attracted by Chornobyl – the exclusion zone, known throughout the world. You can get to Chornobyl from Kyiv by booking a one-day tour to the Chornobyl zone.


In Kyiv region, Kyiv is the main tourist destination. However, in the metropolitan area you will find many attractions that are often not even known by locals. There are hundreds of architectural and historical monuments, as well as monuments of sculpture and landscape gardening art. The list of historical settlements of Ukraine that have preserved their natural habitat with objects of cultural heritage includes such cities of Kyiv region as: Bila Tserkva, Bohuslav, Vasylkiv, Vyshhorod, Pereyaslav, Rzhyshchiv, Fastiv, Yagotyn.

Pereyaslav is one of the oldest cities, which is considered to be a museum city. In this small settlement with 30 thousand inhabitants, 25 museums have been opened (!). The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of the Middle Dnieper Region deserves special attention, as it reflects architecture (XVII-XIX centuries), culture and ceremonies of the region. Thousands of works of folk art, tools, household items of the forest-steppe of Ukraine are collected on 30 hectares of the open-air museum.

It is impossible to ignore the unique object stored in the Archaeological Museum of Pereyaslav – these are the foundations and the remains of the walls of the tomb cathedral (XI-XIII centuries) with fragments of stone sarcophagi. Archaeological excavations of the church were carried out by the expedition of M. Karger in 1953. The cathedral was located in the courtyard of one of the monasteries and served as a tomb for the clergy and representatives of the nobility. It is interesting that the museum pavilion was built on the spot where an ancient temple stood.

Vyshhorod is the second significant city of Kyiv Rus after the capital, where princes Borys and Glib were buried. First mentioned in 946 as “Olzhin grad”, it served as a residence of the Kyiv princes. An ancient settlement of Vyshhorod (X-XIII centuries) has historical value. Here the foundations of the Borisoglibsky cathedral were found (XII century), as well as remains of ramparts and ditches for the defense of the citadel were preserved. Outside the city you will encounter “Oaks of Princess Olga” – seven oaks aged over 400 years.

The highlight of Vyshhorod is the embankment of the Kyiv Sea, formed as a result of the construction of the Dnieper cascade hydroelectric station. The reservoir has an area of 922 square km and reaches the borders of Belarus. In warm season, vacationers, fishermen and surf lovers come to the sea.

Bohuslav is a picturesque place where a granite 10-12 m high canyon is located. Rocks of gray and red granite, like a magnet, attract crowds of tourists. Not far from Boguslav you will see a 600-years old (!) Medvin oak. The natural monument is considered to be especially old (height – 25 m, coverage – 6.1 m). There is a belief that leaning against a centuries-old tree, a person is filled with strength and positive energy.

The main highlight of Bila Tserkva is the Alexandria Arboretum, which is one of the largest in Europe. Beautiful landscapes, ponds and sculptures are organically combined with the constructions of the Rotunda and Colonnade, filling the park with romance. There is also Palieva Gora, where in 1702-1704 a Cossack detachment of Semen Paliy was located (the remains of earthworks preserved). It is believed that the mountain has an underground passage that once led to the Ros River.

Zmiiv shafts of Kyiv region is the biggest mystery of the area, shrouded in secrets and legends. These are artificially created earthen ramparts of different heights and lengths. The largest fortification system in Ukraine was located mainly in the Ukrainian steppe on the right bank of the Dnieper (along the banks of the river tributaries, south of Kyiv). Their total length reached 2 thousand km. A grandiose structure comparable to the Great Wall of China is amazing. The surviving plots can mainly be seen in the forests. The scientific world is still studying this phenomenon. According to one version, ramparts appeared in the 11th century, and according to another one, – at the dawn of an era. Researchers have not yet come to a consensus in the chronology of its occurrence.

Kyiv region has got about 200 objects of the nature reserve fund (total area of 340.4 thousand hectares). The “Kagarlytsky” park, founded by Count Y. Tarnovsky (XVIII century) and the arboretum “Zgurovsky”, founded by the Kochubeys in the 1830-1860s, have survived to our days. Along with the old, the modern Buksky landscape park (1996) is also popular among tourists.

In the vicinity of Rzhyshchiv (Gusintsy tract) on a tiny island, there stands a white stone church with a bell tower above the water surface. The flooded church is bewitching in its unique way. You can get here by boat after ordering a tour (see the program here).

Chornobyl is located not far from Kyiv. It is known all over the world due to the accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, which led to a global catastrophe. Today, the Chernobyl exclusion zone is experiencing a tourist boom. In order to feel the scale of the tragedy that left its mark on the history of mankind, we invite you to a one-day tour to Chernobyl.

We named the most amazing and unusual places near Kyiv, which are worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Each of them has got something original, spectacular or mystical. We offer you to get acquainted with the treasures of our region and join us for fascinating excursions in Kyiv region.