Restaurants in Podil of Kiev

«Fish on fire» – a new, but enough popular among citizens and tourists fish restaurant of Saveliy Libkin. It located on the Sahaidachny Street. The interior of the establishment includes massive wooden furniture with leather upholstery, marble, copper, symbolic wooden spades and antique mascarons. The famous architects Yuri Belikov and Serhiy Teplyakov (“Ibiza”, “Itaka”) worked on the design here. The room is divided into two rooms – “Fish” and “Fire”, in the centre of which there is a Neapolitan wood-burning stove, where fish dishes are prepared. Menu consists of dishes from freshly caught Black Sea fish. Extensive wine list.
Address: Sahaidachny str., 23
Contacts: +38(067)518-43-64
Work time: Mon – Sun from 11:00 to 24:00
Average check: 400-600 UAH per person.

«Tarantino Grill & Wine Bar» – one of the most colourful restaurants at Podil with a wood barbecue in the centre of the main hall. Here you can order dishes of American and Ukrainian cuisine from organic veal, vegetables, fish and seafood. They say that the most juicy steaks are prepared in the “Tarantino Grill & Wine Bar”. The wine list is represented by varieties from different countries of the world, and there are also vintage wines. In the restaurant you can not only eat delicious food, but also have fun with your friends, listen to high-quality live music. There is a summer terrace. The institution has a karaoke and a projector for Sunday movie shows.
Address: Sahaidachny str., 35
Contacts: +38(044)463-73-90
Work time: Mon – Sun from 12:00 to 23:00
Average check: 600-800 UAH per person.

«Liubchik» – a restaurant of the famous restaurateur Dmytro Borysov, located on the Vozdvyzhenska Street. The menu of the restaurant are dishes of Odessa and Bessarabian cuisine. The “Lubchik” menu hit – are cancers, which are served here boiled in beer or milk, fried and baked. The bar card offers four types of drafts – Zhyhulivske, Export Dark, Andriivsky Ale and Hopfen. Craft is represented by “Varvar”, “White Rabbit” and “K & F” breweries. The decor of the building is decorated with bright floats, fish, greens, an aquarium and various tablets with Odessa expressions. In summer a cosy inner courtyard is very popular.
Address: Vozdvyzhenska str., 10-b
Contacts: +38(050)390-61-31
Work time: Mon – Sun from 09:00 to 23:00
Average check: 400-600 UAH per person.

«Tequila House» – a Mexican restaurant, located on the Spaska Street. After a recent renovation, the restaurant has become a new, trendy and modern place. The interior of the institution is decorated with bright details – painted bills, masks for selfie, vases with cactuses, lamps, Mexican ornaments and mottled skulls on pillows. The menu of the restaurant is Mexican cuisine. But do not be afraid of spicy Mexican dishes, as the chef necessarily takes into account how much spicy food you prefer. The bar card will please all tequila lovers with a huge amount of cocktails based on tequila. In addition, here you can smoke hookah, sitting on the terrace of the restaurant. Every Friday and Saturday nights will be adorned with DJ’s incendiary music.
Address: Spaska str., 8-a
Contacts: +38(067)657-55-56
Work time: Mon – Thu, Sun from 11:00 to 23:00, Fri, Sat from 11:00 to 01:00
Average check: 400-600 UAH per person.

«Vero Vero» – an Italian restaurant located in a cosy park on the Ilyinska Street, the feature of which is the presence of a summer terrace designed for 170 people. In the middle of the terrace is a large fountain, and around – living plants and glowing garlands. In the restaurant menu there are popular Italian dishes, cooked according to traditional recipes. In the evenings a pianist plays on the piano. “Vero Vero” – is an excellent place for a romantic evening.
Address: Ilyinska str., 18
Contacts: +38(044)499-39-29
Work time: Mon – Sun from 08:00 to 24:00
Average check: 400-600 UAH per person.