Our guides in Odessa


Anna works in excursions, accompaniment and entertainment

Anya Guides in Odessa

  • professional tour guide (sightseeing, catacombs, Jewish Odessa, some of suburban tours (Shabo), etc.);
  • the cultural part of the city (museums, theaters, exhibitions, churches, parks, etc.);
  • entertainment (entertainment centers, cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs, themed pubs, parties, etc.).

In addition:

  • translator from English to Russian and from Russian to English.

Age: 30
Height: 155
Education: Odessa National University, specialty – “Publishing”.

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English – advanced

Interests: psychology, dance, tourism.
Hobbies Sports: dancing, cycling, traveling.

My favorite places in Odessa:
I’m an Odessa citizen and I love my city whole!

About me: I am cheerful, sociable, I like to meet people and discover something new.

My routs

Nadezhda works in the accompaniment and entertainment

Nadezhda Guides in Odessa


  • walks on the cultural and picturesque parts of the city, which will not leave you indifferent (tourist attractions and cultural institutions of the city, filled with the Odessa mentality);
  • entertainment program for those who want to spend an unforgettable evening in an unforgettable city.The evening promises to be interesting!) Everything is up to you!) Your tour guide will take care of you!

In addition:

  • interpreter of English language and a people person:)

Age: 31
Height: 170
Education: Tyumen State University, specialty – psychology.

Foreign language skills:
English – upper-intermediate

Interests: photography, music, writing songs, art.
Hobbies Sports: yoga, fitness.

Favorite places in Odessa:
Odessa – is the soul …and its heat is inexhaustible! Odessa – is the sea, which will amaze you with its depth.) The waves of the sea will engulf you with the love for life! What can I say…? ) There are many interesting places in Odessa! Everyone chooses what he likes.
To know what your soul desires, you need to try everything, what it is. )

If you know what your soul wishes to find in our amazing city, I will tell you where to go for it.)
What if you don’t know what will make your trip to Odessa as the best time in your life…?
I will show you the treasure of our city and you will enjoy each moment of your time here!

About me:
Charismatic and energetic lady!) I am a person who filled with happiness! I enjoy life.
And … First of all, I am a Creative person! It is nice to meet you!)

My routs

Galina works in the accompaniment and entertainment


  • the cultural part of the city (sightseings, museums, theaters, exhibitions, churches, parks, etc.);
  • entertainment (entertainment centers, cafes, pubs, restaurants, etc.).

In addition:

  • translator from English to Russian and from Russian to English;
  • I worked as a shopper and a buyer and also I can gladly help you with shopping.

Age: 36
Height: 165
Education: Odessa Pedagogical University, teacher of English language and foreign literature.

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English- upper-intermediate.

Interests: interior design, fashion, reading, photography, history.
Hobbies sports: sometimes watching football.

My favorite places in Odessa:
Odessa in summer is the best place in the world for holidays! People in Odessa are very friendly and communicative and never lose their sense of humour. Summer here is like one big summer weekend. Odessa is the capital of summer cultural life in Ukraine. Every year in July in Odessa takes place Odessa International Film Festival and many worldwide known celebrities come to take part in it, different exhibitions and also a plenty of concerts and culture events occur as well. At daytime you can enjoy the sun on the beach or to hide from it at some shopping-mall or playing bowling in a chilly place… In the evening to attent some museum or the theatre. Also to try the journey on a small yacht which starts from the Sea Station and to see Odessa from the sea… And I’m absolutely sure you will enjoy the restaurants in Odessa! There are plenty of them here! Odessa is an international city and it reflects on Odessa cousine as well. We can make a visit to Georgian Mimino in Odessa to try Georgian wine with Khachapuri or shashlik, Italian Bernardazzi where also suggests a big variety of different wines, Spanish Sevilla which is famous with its seafood dishes and wine, distinguished French Jardin in the City Garden, of course picturesque Ukrainian Khutorok to taste borsch and vareniki and also Japanese and Jewish and many other different restaurants here. M1 is wonderful place to enjoy the sea view with a glass of wine and tasty dinner in a good company in any season.

We can meet near The Opera Theatre which is very easy to find as it is situated at the historical part of Odessa, near the main and the most famous Deribasovskaya street and then have a walk to the Primorsky boulvard, see the monumets of Pushkin, Duke de Richelieu and Ekaterina II, Vorontsov’s Palace and the Colonnade, across the Mother’s-in-law bridge, Shah’s Palace at the Gogol street, then to the City Garden and Deribasovskaya street.

At midnight the night-life moves to Arcadia which is famous with it’s open-air night-clubs on the beach which work 24\7 May till September. The most famous are Itaka, Ibiza and Bono. Ibiza provides the exclusive concerts and performances of the well-known in Europe and all over the world entertainment stars during whole summer. Openair parties all night long near the sea on the beach tempt here people all over the world. The nightclubs at Arcadia are very popular among the turists and local people and always very crowded so I’d advise you to reserve the lodge to enjoy the performance.

I also can suggest you to attend the Dolphinarium to enjoy their show-program or visit some restaurant depending on your taste and mood. M1 is wonderful place to enjoy the sea view with a glass of wine and tasty dinner in a good company in any season. And later go to the night-club or to the downtown to wander through the night streets which have their unforgettable charm at night and full of people.

About me:
I like nature and animals very much, like to make pictures and to find some interesting perspective and to catch the moment. I enjoy live communication with positive people, to learn something new, to read, to attend the theatre, exhibitions or lectures.I dont play any instrument but enjoy music very much and go to different concerts. I’m not a football fan but sometimes I like to join this wonderful mood and to support some team. I like fashion, like to look elegant and classic, like different accessories and shoes with high heels. I cannot live a day without coffee. In autumn and winter I like to spend long cold evenings with knitting, but summer is for fun!


Natalia works in excursions and accompaniment

Natalia Guides in Odessa

  • professional guide (city tour, yards of Odessa, Jewish Odessa; organization of excursions to catacombs, Moldavanka, suburban tours (Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy, Shabo), ecotours (Lower Dniester National park);
  • cultural part of the city (museums, theatres, exhibitions, creative events etc.).

In addition:

  • translator (English/Russian, Russian/English, French/Russian, Russian/French).

Age: 25
Height: 165
Education: Odessa National Economic University, Master of Tourism studies.

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English – upper-intermediate/advanced
Français – B2
Polski – В1

Interests: travelling, literature, ecotourism, ballet, arts, psychology, history.
Hobbies Sports: ballet, yoga, stretching, fitness.

Favorite places in Odessa:
“Do you know what is Odessa? No, you don’t know what’s Odessa! There are many cities in the world, but no one like this. Look at Odessa from the sea. It’s a heaven! Look from the shore. The same thing…” – words of Leonid Utesov about Odessa.

Odessa, the pearl of the Black sea is always opened and hospitable to its guests. Arriving here for the first time sure it’s worth to walk in the city centre – to see “corner of old Odessa’, Mother-in-Law bridge, Primorskiy boulevard, admire with Opera and Ballet House, promenade at Deribasovskaya street, drink a cup of coffee at the City Garden, count the steps at famous Potemkinskaya staircase… And after this, if you want to feel the atmosphere of Odessa, you should move forward, away from touristic centre, for instance walk at Gogolya street with its old mansions and yards with wells, or pay your visit to Marazlievskaya street where every house is a masterpiece.

Yards of Odessa it’s a special topic: people dry clothes there, discuss news, relax in the evening, feed numerous cats and decide vital questions. The yards are separate world with its own philosophy. During our walks we do visit couple of picturesque yards.

Opera Theatre and Philharmonic Theatre are two must-visit places if you enjoy ballet and love good music. Apart from classical theatres there are many art-platforms in Odessa, for instance open-air Green Theatre at park Shevchenko.

I appreciate good coffee, so always advise and show good coffee places, such as Make my Cake, White Whale, Atelier, Cannoli and others. I can advise good restaurants and cafes as well.

French boulevard, Lanzheron, Chernomorskaya street, Sobornaya square, Novosel’skogo street with reconstructed building of Kirch (German church) – it’s also places I love and show during our excursions. Odessa is wonderful!

About me:
I can’t imagine my life without travelling, that’s why whenever I have opportunity to travel – I take it. My second great passion is literature: I read books, write reviews, like sharing books with my friends. I’m fond of ballet (I used to go in for ballet 3 years, not professionally), like visiting Opera and Ballet Theatre. I’m open-minded, friendly, creative. Always glad to meet new people!

Margo works in the accompaniment and entertainment



  • the cultural part of the city (museums, theaters, exhibitions, cathedrals, parks, etc.);
  • entertainment (entertainment centers, cafes, bars, restaurants, etc.);
  • partying (clubs, thematic pubs, parties, etc.).

In addition:

  • professional interpreter (English);
  • I can get you to nice concerts, shows, events or just walks, so you would feel the unique atmosphere of this beautiful city.

Age: 32
Height: 170
Education: Dnepropetrovsk National University, philologic department, English language and literature.

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English – fluent

Interests: politics, history, geopolitics, world events, music, dances, different world cultures, charity.
Hobbies: dancing (salsa, bachata, ball room, reggaeton), traveling, pets, painting, drawing, hand made.
Sports: swimming, long walks, open to any kind of sports except for the very extreme ones.

My favorite places in Odessa:
City Garden, Deribasovskaya, Primorsky Boulevard and Langeron.

About me:
I am a well traveled person, used to live in Dominican Republic and USA for a while. I used to model in past, and also to teach students in model schools and make fashion shows as a director. I adore music, sea side, beaches and sun! :) I like to meet new interesting people from all over the world. I think I’m a good listener and can carry a sapid conversation on almost any topic.
I adore my beloved and amazing Odessa – this city is really one of a kind! And with all my heart I love my glorious and heroic, the most beautiful in the world Ukraine.

Igor works in excursions and accompaniment

Igor Guides in Odessa

  • a professional tour guide in the city (sightseeing, the historical center of Odessa, Odessa’s patios, Odessa with Babel’s eyes, the criminal Odessa, the beginning of 19 century, with the atmosphere of old Odessa etc.).
  • the cultural part of the city (museums, theatres, exhibitions, churches, parks, etc.).

In addition:

  • organization of out-of-town tours;
  • visit concerts of organ music, theaters.

Age: 28
Height: 187
Education: 1.the Odessa National University, specialty – a lawyer. 2.the Institute of Social Sciences of the Odessa National University.

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English – basic
Russian – fluent

Interests: cinematography, reading, history, classical music, traveling, visiting interesting places, communication with nature and interesting people.
Hobbies Sports: crossfit, workout, fitness, swimming.

Favourite places in Odessa:
Visiting of the parks, seaside, neighbourhoods and patios of “the old Odessa”, of the buildings that transfer and immerse you into the atmosphere of 18 century. Every street, every yard, every stone in the pavement of Odessa are good.

About me:
I am an attentive, sociable, responsible, erudite, diligent, intelligent and polite person.

Kirill and Hanna work in excursions and accompaniment

Kirill and Hanna Photoguides in Odessa


  • professional tour guides (sightseeing, Jewish Odessa, gangster Odessa, gastro-tour etc.), all tours are accompanied by a professional photographer;
  • the cultural part of the city (museums, theaters, exhibitions, churches, parks, etc.);
  • entertainment (entertainment centers, cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs, themed pubs, parties, etc.).

In addition:

  • English-Russian and Russian-English interpreter;
  • some of suburban tours (Shabo, Akkerman, ethnic colonies and old estates, cult buildings).

Age: 29 and 23
Education: International Humanitarian University – “International Economic Relationships”.

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English – advanced
Italiano – A2

Interests: history, football, tourism, journeys, cars.
Hobbies Sports: football.

Favorite places in Odessa:
There are so many of them, that it’s easier to name those, that i don’t like.

About me:
We are cheerful, sociable, true odessa citizens.