Mila guide in Kiev

Mila works in excursions, accompaniment and entertainment

Mila guide Kiev

  • the cultural part of the city (historic sights and architectural landmarks, off-the-beaten path areas, hidden gems, street art, parks etc.);
  • gourmet tours (unusual restaurants, bars and pubs);
  • entertainment (theatres, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, museums etc.).
  • practicing sports together (cycling, kayaking, sup, dance, fitness etc.).

In addition:

  • professional interpreter and translator (English, Italian and Polish);

Age: 33
Height: 167

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English – fluent
Italian – fluent
Polish – fluent

Education: Poznan State University – Linguistics.
Interests: travel, history, art, reading, cooking, learning languages, architecture, oil painting, concerts, events.
Sport hobbies: fitness, belly dancing, kizomba, rafting.

Favourite places in Kyiv:
I love Kyiv for the amazing variety if offers – here everybody will find something interesting for themselves.

We will see not only “must visit” sights, but also explore unusual places, full of mystery and legends. We will go off the beaten track and find hidden gems, that reserve something unexpected. We will hit extraordinary, hipster or alternative restaurants and bars, discuss art at galleries or the opera house, attend a workshop/seminar or even practice sports together.

My favorite places in Kyiv are the House with Chimeras, parks along the Dnipro river, St. Andrew’s church, Podil, KPI, VDNG, Tatarka hill.

About me:
I’m a very active person with a lot of projects and hobbies. I’m sociable, friendly and energetic. I’m a professional guide and interpreter, fluent in three foreign languages – English, Italian, and Polish. I also study Spanish and Serbian. I often work as an interpreter at business talks, trade fairs and other events. I’ve been to 30 countries, but Kyiv remains my favorite city!

I’m happy to be your guide and interpreter. It will be both useful and fun!)