Hinduism in Kyiv

The Kyiv temple of Krishna Consciousness is a Hindu temple of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, located on the Zoryanyi Lane, 16. It operates since 1992 and is called “New Navadvipa Mandir”. It is considered to be the largest temple in Ukraine. This spacious 6-storeyed brick building with large windows was built in stages, starting from 1992 until 2014.

Inside is an amazing altar room with circular balconies and a black and white marble floor, at the end of the hall there is an altar decorated with flowers from carved wood, which set the deities of Chaitanya and Nityananda. At the entrance to the temple there is a cafe where you can taste vegetarian food. Near the temple is the Kiev Theological Academy of Vaishnava Education. The temple is open daily. Sundays are held Sunday festivals, which anyone can visit. From the temple there are direct video broadcasts on the Internet.