Bars in Lypky of Kiev

“Ugly Coyote” – the bar of the world famous bar network “Ugly Coyote”. The bar is open to all fans of drive and strong drinks. It is never boring here – tasting drinks and cocktails, dancing all night long to dynamic music, as well as parties and show programs with dancing of waitresses(“coyote-woman”) on the bar counter. The interior of the bar is decorated in a classic cowboy style. The menu of the bar offers not only cocktails, but also branded or “Crazy” – the menu – “Revolver”, “Body Shot”, “Meter of Fun”. If desired, you can order a dance with a coyote-woman. Average bill: 400-800 UAH per person.

“EnJoy” – oyster-wine bar, located on the Instytutska Street. The main features of the menu are fresh oysters and branded oyster cocktails. Here you will be offered “Fin de Claire”, “Saint Patrick”, “Dry Oysterin” or “Sangri Oysterita”. In addition to oysters, you can order Italian cold snacks based on prosciutto, salami, porchetti with mozzarella and grilled vegetables. The wine card is represented by wines from Italy, Spain, France. There is a summer terrace and a terrace on the roof of the bar. Average bill: 400-800 UAH per person.

“I’ll be later” – a small bar located in a historic building on the Krutyi Descend. The interior of the bar is quite simple – white brick walls, high ceilings, wooden furniture and wide sofa-pallets. This social bar is aimed at those who wants simple communication “heart-to-heart” accompanied by a good drink or cocktail. In addition to binge, attention is also paid to oriental coffee, which is prepared in cezve. “I will later” can boast of the presence of unusual sorts of coffee, for example, the Israeli variety with cardamom. The menu consists of snacks – liver pate, cheeses and desserts. The main emphasis is still made not on the cuisine, but on the alcohol card – here they prepare classic and author’s cocktails based on high-quality alcohol and barman’s knowledge. Average bill: 300-700 UAH per person.

“101 Wine Bar” – wine bar, located on the Mechnykov Street in the store “Good Wine”. In the name of the bar, it is not in vain indicated “101” – this is the number of positions of wine, which can be tasted here. To a glass of wine you will be offered various snacks – cheeses, jamon, squids, scallops, Chilean sea bass, ribs of New Zealand lamb and desserts. The feature of the bat is that there are no waiters in the bar, so the sommelier will help you with the choice of wine. And the opportunity to choose a drink right in the hall and drink at the table, in fact, without a restaurant mark-up makes the bill much more attractive. Tastings are held on Thursdays. Each month, the wine card is completely updated. Average bill: 200-500 UAH per person.

“Golden Ducat” – a cafe on the Instytutska Street of the famous Lviv network of coffee houses. Walking around Lypky, if you suddenly want a cup of black coffee or hot chocolate, then be sure to look into this cosy place. Here you will be offered more than 40 varieties of coffee, brought from different parts of the world. Also to the coffee in the menu are desserts prepared according to classical European recipes. If you are not a coffee gourmet, then in such a case you will be offered a wide range of tea or various cocktails for warming and raising the mood. The interior of the cafe is made in medieval style – massive furniture and decorated stone walls with painted frescoes. In 2015, “Golden Ducat” became the winner in the category of the Ukrainian People’s Award “The Best Coffee Network”. Average bill: 200-400 UAH per person.