Two Days Tour to Chernobyl

(Prypyat, Chernobyl, ChNPP)

Tour price: from 270 $

The price includes: transfer, guide services, insurance and a package of documents ensuring access to the zone, accommodation in the hotel during the tour, printed and interactive materials about the Exclusion Zone, personal traveler package.
Additionally paid (if you wish): dosimeter – 20$, food – 20$.

The first day.
7:45-8:20 Registration, boarding the bus.
8:20 Departure from Kyiv.
10:00-10:30 Check-in to the 30-km zone, passing the checkpoint.
✅ Rudnya-Veresnya – one of the first evacuated villages.
✅ Chernobyl: check-in into the hotel.
— Lelev checkpoint at the border of the 10 kilometer Zone. The stop near the branch channel of the plant. The stop near the Administrative building of the ChNPP.
— An observational platform near the Arch – the biggest arch-type construction in whole human history. Red Forest.
— Lunch in the dining room.
✅ Entering the ghost town of Prypiat. People Friendship monument. Town hospital, where first ChNPP explosion victims were sent. River Station. Cafe “Pripyat”. Cinema “Prometheus”, music school and mosaic panels. “Polesye” hotel, shopping center, city restaurant, house of culture “Energetik”. Amusement park, Ferris wheel. City school, police station, the fire station PPCh-6, living areas of Pripyat. Jupiter’ Factory, GNPP “RADEK” (a dosimetric laboratory). Clamshell gripper – one of the most radioactive objects in the Zone. Robots’ remains. Sunset in Pripyat.
– Arriving back to the hotel in Chernobyl (dinner – on your own).

The second day.
Breakfast in hotel (on your own).
✅ Chernobyl. The memorial park “Sagebrush Star”, the city center.
– Lelev checkpoint at the border of the 10 kilometer Zone. Chernobyl-2 checkpoint, document check.
– Technical and working zones of “DUGA” station. The military unit 74939, phased antenna lattice, communication space, computational and educational centers.
— Lunch in the dining room.
✅ The third line on the ChNPP (the unfinished 5th and 6th units). KP-640 gantry crane. Enlargement workshop.
✅ Dityatki checkpoint at the border of the Zone. Last dosimetric control on the way from the Chernobyl zone. Return to Kyiv.
– Arrival in Kyiv at 19:00 (approximately).
*The route and travel program may be amended by the exclusion zone administration and an accompanying person.

Please remember to bring: PASSPORT, water, jacket or umbrella (in case of rain).

NECESSARILY comfortable, maximum coverage clothing and closed comfortable shoes.

ATTENTION! Entry into the exclusion zone is prohibited to underage visitors. Persons with medical precautions for contact with ionizing radiation sources are not allowed into the area.

Please note:
1. You can use your own radiation measuring instruments or rent an individual dosimeter from us, which will inform you about the radiation level of your location.
2. Lunch is included in the tour, if booked in advance.
3. Each participant of the tour will confirm in writing that they are familiar with the rules of conduct in the zone, as well as the consent to the processing of personal data and the absence of medical precautions.
4. Rules for visitors to the exclusion zone and the zone of unconditional (mandatory) resettlement

Individual tours are also possible (the price depends on the number of people in the group).