Top 10 saunas in Kiev

1. «Kuzmichevskie baths» – a sauna on the firewood of VIP-class, located at the Osokorky. It is famous for its high level of service and professional bath-house attendants. The price includes tea, heating the feet, light coronal warming, steaming brooms and massage. The bathhouse consists of two rooms – “Cosy Bathhouse” and “Family Bathhouse”. In the “cosy bath-house” there are two steam baths, Carpathian tank, wooden font, swing-beds, swimming pools, a terrace with access to the pond. “Family bath-house” is designed for up to 6 people, there is no way out to the pond. In the “Kuzmichevsky baths” there were brothers Klychko and Oleg Skrypka.
Address: 158th Sadova (Osokorky)
Contacts: +38(095)272-21-99
Price: from 800 UAH per hour.

2. «Bath of Aphrodite» – a unique recreational and health spa with Transcarpathian tanks, located on the banks of the Dnipro in the park “Friendship of Peoples”. The complex allows to take companies up to 20 people for taking steam baths, and up to 80 people in the mode of grill-grounds for picnics and barbecue parties. On the territory there is a spa, restaurant, bar and parking. Also there are two comfortable rooms, decorated in Transcarpathian style, where you can stay for the night.
Address: Druzhby Narodiv Park, X-Park
Contacts: +38(099)454-55-66, +38(093)543-22-50
Price: from 700 UAH per hour.

3. «Trukhaniv Island» – an elite bath complex on wood, located in a quiet place on the water, on the Trukhaniv Island. The complex includes 4 baths of different sizes, designed for small and large companies. On the territory there are cafes, lounges, gazebos, barbecue, simulator, jacuzzi, karaoke. After the steam bath from each bathhouse there is an opportunity to dip in the Dnipro. Here you can not only to take a steam bath, but also have a good time, relaxing in the open air near the banks of the Dnipro.
Address: Trukhanivska str. (Trukhaniv Island)
Contacts: +38(067)504-70-61, +38(050)414-71-14
Price: from 600 UAH per hour.

4. «EcoBath» – a wood-burning sauna for VIP-rest, built on the Dnipro Bay from environmentally friendly materials. “EcoBath” takes into account the best traditions of a real village bath with a broom, a hot steam room, a ice-hole in winter and a waterfall-bucket at any time of the year. The bath is designed for up to 15 people. There is a large beautiful terrace with access to the Dnipro. In addition to the bath, you can organize fishing or renting water motorcycles. On the territory there is a guarded parking.
Address: Bohatyrska str., 26-a (Obolon)
Contacts: +38(067)868-81-68, +38(050)-868-81-88
Price: from 500 UAH per hour.

5. «Bathhouse complex on the water» – a sauna complex on wood, located in a picturesque place at the Osokorky, on the banks of the Dnipro Gulf. The complex consists of two baths – “Shelter of the smuggler” and “Beaver’s hut”. “Shelter of the smuggler” is designed for 12 people. There is a spacious living room with a view of the river and a terrace with access to the water, from where you can jump from the steam room in any season of the year. “Beaver’s hut” is a two-storey cottage on the water, equipped with kitchen, appliances, there is a large lounge with panoramic windows and a view of the Dnipro. The cottage is designed for 15 people.
Address: Mykoly Bazhana Ave., Osokorska str. (Osokorky)
Contacts: +38(097)232-70-80, +38(044) 62-45-36
Price: from 500 UAH per hour.

6. «Our Bath» – a bath complex, located in a quiet place at Podil, which represents as a wooden fairy-tale house. The three-storey complex has different-sized 6 steam baths with swimming pools, some of them have billiards. Here you will be offered a steam bath, a Finnish sauna, a spa, massage treatments. There is a phyto-bar and a kitchen where you can order delicious potatoes and shish kebab. The bar always has fresh live beer both for bottling and drafting.
Address: Mylnyi lane, 19 (Podil)
Contacts: +38(044)331-54-77, +38(050)246-77-27
Price: from 370 UAH per hour.

7. «Antey» – a bath complex up to 2000 sq. m., located at Obolon on the Gulf of the Dnipro. It is a wooden three-storey building. On the ground floor there is a living room with a fireplace and a banquet table, a steam room with a swimming pool, a shower and a bathroom. On the second floor there are two rest rooms, on the third floor there is a billiard room. The complex is located in a closed and guarded area with gazebos, green flower beds and a private beach. The main advantage of the complex is an open access to the Dnipro, which allows you to swim in any season. There is also a kitchen where a delicious barbecue is always cooked.
Address: Pryrechna str., 32-a (Obolon)
Contacts: +38(044)585-16-05, +38(067)963-90-98
Price: from 600 UAH per hour.

8. «Poplavok» – or “Float” in English, a bath floating on the Gulf of the Dnipro in the Obolon area. It is a two-storey log house afloat, made of eco-friendly wood. The peculiarity of the bath is also that the stove is heated with firewood. The bath has a living room, two lounges, as well as a bathing dome. There is a small terrace where you can relax after a steam bath, fry a shish kebab or swim in the bay. In addition, you can always be offered fresh draft beer.
Address: Pryrechna str., 30-а/2 (Obolon)
Contacts: +38(067)408-80-80
Price: from 400 UAH per hour.

9. «Bath in the house on the water» – a bath on the pontoon, located at the Dnipro in Hydropark. It is a house-ship with a log house, built of eco-friendly wood, with a total area of 160 sq.m.. The bathhouse with cosy apartments and kitchen is fully equipped with furniture, household appliances and crockery. On the ground floor there is a studio-room, a steam room, two terraces, on the second floor there are two spacious bedrooms with balconies. There is an exit to the terrace, from where you can swim in the Dnipro after the steam room, fry a shish kebab, relax in the fresh air, admiring the beauty of the left bank of the Dnipro.
Address: Hydropark
Contacts: +38(067)410-07-18, +38(095)836-31-18
Price: from 300 UAH per hour.

10. «Bath Boxer» – a health and bath complex on firewood, located on the banks of the Dnipro in Hydropark (behind the Venetian bridge). It is a log cabin on the water with a capacity of up to 10 people. In the bathhouse there is a swimming pool, a bucket-waterfall, inhalation, bath brooms, Wi-Fi, aromatherapy. Also you will always be offered a steaming broom or a broom massage. This complex is popular among citizens and fans of boxing. It is here that the famous boxer Usyk loves to bathe. You can see gloves with his autograph, which are in the complex at the most honourable place.
Address: Hydropark
Contacts: +38(097)174-85-02, 38(067)802-68-98
Price: from 350 UAH per hour.