Top 10 restaurants in Dnipro

Reporter – is a restaurant (Barykadna Street, 2) that applies the “always to be different” concept. The three-story building is a restaurant complex with the “Drinking House” pub is located on the ground floor, a coffee shop on the first floor, a restaurant on the second floor and a cinema hall on the third floor. There is also a summer terrace. The restaurant attracts not only with its atmosphere and unordinary menu, but also with a high level of service and an unusual design. All this combination attracts guests and makes the “Reporter” a popular place. The Menu features European cuisine, extensive wine list and a children’s menu. Average check: 500-800 UAH per person.

Artist – is a cafe-restaurant, where everything everything from the interior to the delicious dishes is exquisite (Soborna sq., 2-a). The three-story building consists of the “Cafe”, the “Winter Garden” and the “Dining Room”. There is also a summer terrace. The menu features dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisine, an excellent selection of wine and other drinks. This is a really nice place, very popular among the townspeople. According to guest reviews, it is considered to be a “must visit” place. Average bill: 400-700 UAH per person.

Papa Karlo – is the cafe on the Yavornytsky, 27. The interior of the establishment resembles a Soviet communal apartment. Impeccable service and delicious cuisine also deserve special attention. The menu features only traditional dishes of Slavic cuisine. The seasonal menu is provided too. The cafe hosts parties, games and master classes by the chef. In summer, you can sit outdoors. The atmospheric place is suitable for both romantic meetings and business lunches. Average bill: 400-700 UAH per person.

Mishi Blyahera – is bibliopolical cafe in the basement (Yavornytsky Ave., 46). The legend of the cafe was born when a diary of Misha Blyakher with recipes of different dishes was discovered during the repair of the warehouse. The interior of the cafe is designed in matte finish and is decorated with old books laid out in the form of walls. The atmosphere is complemented by photographs, hung on clothespins around the hall. The meat, fish, pasta and seafood dishes of Italian and European cuisine are presented here. Average check: 200-500 UAH per person.

Abazhur – is a restaurant of European cuisine, located in a quiet place in the center of Dnipro (Konovalets lane, 11). Cozy atmosphere, pleasant interior, reasonable prices, excellent service and positive staff made this institution famous and one of the most visited and recommended places. The Menu features dishes of European cuisine and grill. The main highlight of the restaurant is its steaks, which according to the the reviews of guests, are incredible. There is also a summer terrace. Average bill: 300-600 UAH per person.

Coast – is a restaurant located on the embankment of the Dnipro city (61Sicheslavska Embankment) with a magnificent view of the Dnieper River, the left bank and the Monastery Island. A great place offers a cozy restaurant, delicious dishes and high-quality service for a romantic dinner or business meetings. The restaurant features an extraordinary presentation of dishes, a varied menu from different world’s cuisines and an elite wine list. Average bill: 500-800 UAH per person.

Bartofish – is a popular restaurant on the embankment in the Dnipro city (Peremogy Ave., 9-b). It’s especially popular among residents and visitors of the city. The menu of the restaurant includes rare seafood delicacies – weaver fish, trigla, flounder, swordfish, etc. The high level of service, variety of seafood and democratic prices have placed this institution in the list of “must visit” restaurants. Average bill: 300-500 UAH per person.

Camelot -is a cozy medieval style restaurant on the Dnipro embankment (33 Peremohy Embankment). The place has got a spacious hall with a cozy fireplace and a summer playground. Menu features European cuisine dishes in combination with the author’s dishes, as well as a large selection of seafood dishes. In addition, there is a grill menu, elite alcohol and a rich cigar card. At “Camelot”, you can enjoy a delicious meal and a fine atmosphere, as well as get a portion of excellent mood. Average bill: 400-800 UAH per person.

Baron Razgulyayeff – is a restaurant with its own brewery (37-B Peremohy Embankment). In addition to fresh beer, a menu of European and Bavarian cuisine is offered: meat dishes, German shanks, signature sausages, etc. The place has two main halls, two banquet rooms, a summer terrace and a karaoke room. From Thursday to Saturday you can listen to live music in the restaurant. The place is suitable for celebrations, conferences, presentations and business meetings. Average bill: 300-600 UAH per person.

Poplavok – is a restaurant in the Dnipro city, located on water, thanks to which you can see both banks of the Dnieper (7 Sicheslavska Embankment). On the first floor of the building there is a restaurant, on the second floor there is a spacious banquet hall and a karaoke room. There is also a summer veranda that surrounds the restaurant from the side of the river, adding a special romanticism to the place. “Poplavok” is a restaurant with the best view of the city and a real highlight of the Dnipro embankment. It hosts various ceremonies, concerts, parties. The menu consists of European cuisine dishes and a varied bar chart. There is also a hookah menu. It’s an excellent place for a pleasant stay and a must-visit spot. Average bill: 300-500 UAH per person.