Top 10 pubs in Lviv

1.Dobryy Druh – or Good Friend in English. This is one of the largest pub chains in Lviv. Here you will be greeted by a warm atmosphere, pleasant service and delicious cuisine, that boasts juicy burgers, giant pizza and snacks that go well with beer.

You can taste 27 types of craft beer and cider, as well as 12 types of liqueurs and 7 types of house wine.
On the birthday and 6 days after it, the pub gives the birthday person a free bottle of wine and sincere wishes from the staff.

Also you can watch football, which is broadcast in Dobryy Druh every week.

Addresses: Lesya Ukrainka st, 19/ Ivan Fedorov st, 2/ Ivan Fedorov st, 1/ Sichovyh Striltsiv st, 3.
Work hours: Mon-Sun from 12:00 to 23:00.
Dobryy Druh

2.Kumpel – the first brewery restaurant opened in Lviv. It is famous for its own unpasteurized beer, brewed right in the restaurant. Here they offer varieties brewed according to old recipes of the local region – light, amber, golden ale and bronze ale. Menu features dishes of traditional Galician cuisine. The interior is decorated in the classic style of pubs of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. In the main hall you can see copper vats for making intoxicants. A highlight was the bronze sculpture of Venus installed at the entrance. If you rub her breasts nicely, beer will pour out of her. The atmosphere of the institution conveys the spirit of the Batiar culture. Guided tours are available for guests.
Address: Vynnychenko st, 6
Contacts: +38(068)998-99-94
Work hours: 24/7
Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.

3.PRAVDA Beer Theater – a pub-brewery with several floors and a capacity of up to 500 visitors (!). It is located in an old house in the downtown of Lviv. The interior of the institution, designed in the loft style, resembles a brewery workshop. It brews 8 sorts of beer, which is brewed with fresh hop cones, elder flowers or sunflowers. The Menu features European cuisine. Popular dishes include cold cuts, baked wings in sauce and smoked roast beef. In the evenings, “PRAVDA-orchestra”, the restaurant’s own brass band, plays for guests. The brewery offers guided tours around the brewery and beer straight from the vat.
Address: Rynok Square, 32
Contacts: +38(050)374-49-86
Work hours: Mon-Sun from 10:00 to 02:00.
Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.

4.Stargorod – a chain of Czech restaurants with its own brewery, where real Czech beer is brewed. Guests are offered 4 types of beer – “Ten”, “Lager”, “Black” and “Wheat”. The menu includes European and Ukrainian dishes. The restaurant with spacious halls occupies a large space on several levels. There is a summer terrace too. On weekends, live music sounds, as well as song contests and theme parties are held here. Guided tours are available daily.
Address: Rymlyanyna st, 1
Contacts: +38(050)323-48-57
Work hours: 24/7
Average check: 300-400 UAH per person.

5.Royal Brewery – a beer restaurant in the center of Lviv. It offers 5 sorts of unpasteurized beer brewed according to German technologies at its own mini-brewery. The royal collection includes varieties such as barley beer, dark beer, smoked beer and Indian beer. The menu features European cuisine with mainly meat dishes cooked on the grill. The interior of the establishment is decorated in modern style with luxurious design and massive furniture. In warm weather, an open terrace operates here.
Address: Staroyevreyska st, 9
Contacts: +38(098)303-54-72
Work hours: Mon-Sun from 10:00 to 23:00.
Average check: 300-500 UAH per person.

6.White Lion – a cozy pub located in the old part of Lviv, especially loved by its residents. Here are about 20 types of beer from different countries of the world, there is draft, craft and bottled. Menu – traditional Ukrainian dishes. The interior resembles a classic Kneipp beer bar. The decoration and mascot of the institution is the statue of a lion-piggy bank, which is considered the largest in the city. From Thursday to Saturday in the evening, live music performed by young Lviv bands is played in the pub.
Address: Lesi Ukrainky st, 15
Contacts: +38(067)675-51-23
Work hours: Mon-Sun from 12:00 to 02:00.
Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.

7.Gasova lyampa – a restaurant-museum in the center of Lviv, one of the most visited places. The theme of the institution is the first kerosene lamp, invented in 1853 by Lviv pharmacists. At the entrance there is a sculptural composition dedicated to the inventors Lukashevich and Zeg. The institution occupies three floors of an old building; there is a summer terrace on the roof. Inside, the atmosphere of a truly Lviv Kneipp, complemented by the smell of kerosene, reigns. The restaurant has a large collection of kerosene lamps. Menu – European cuisine with original presentation of dishes, a wide selection of live beer and liqueurs. For guests, the waiters arrange performances with pyrotechnics.
Address: Armyanska st, 20
Contacts: +38(050)371-09-08
Work hours: Mon-Sun from 11:00 to 02:00.
Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.

8.Mons Pius – a kneipp restaurant where beer and meat are the main items. It is located in the former building of a commercial bank, located in the Armenian quarter. The interior of the institution conveys the atmosphere of Lviv in the 18th century. In one of the halls, a stained glass window by J. Rosen (1927) has been preserved. The menu focuses on steaks from different types of meat and fish. As for drinks, they offer branded beer brewed at the Lviv brewery especially for Mons Pius. The restaurant hosts broadcasts of sports matches. In warm weather, a summer terrace is open in a cozy courtyard.
Address: Lesi Ukrainky st, 14
Contacts: +38(032)235-60-60
Work hours: Mon-Fri from 11:00 to 23:00, Sat-Sun from 10:00 to 23:00.
Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.

9.Choven – a beer bar in the center of Lviv, which offers a wide range of beer and cider for every taste. The bar list is regularly updated, there is a kaft beer. Menu – European cuisine. Popular beer snacks, cheese and meat plates, steaks, even pizza and popcorn. The institution is more like a home for all the friends in a friendly atmosphere. Live music is played in the evenings.
Address: Armyanska st, 33
Contacts: +38(098)116-69-55
Work hours: Mon-Thu, Sun from 12:00 to 00:00, Fri-Sat from 12:00 to 02:00.
Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.

10.Gryzlo – a small kneipp (eng.Gnawed), where chicken meat is served in a rather peculiar way, and metal claws instead of appliances are served to it. So, if you want to feel a little like a predator, then this is the place for you. Traditionally, meat dishes are accompanied by several types of draft beer. The institution is located on the first floor of the Pravda Beer Theater.
Address: Rynok Square, 32
Contacts: +38(050)374-49-86
Work hours: Mon-Thu from 12:00 to 22:00, Fri-Sun from 12:00 to 23:00.
Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.