Top 10 pubs in Kiev

1. “Docker’s ABC” – an art pub, one of the most popular pubs among Kyivans and tourists, where every night the best rock bands perform on the stage. Here there were such bands as Nazareth, Animals, Supemax, Secret Service, Red Cardell, Red Elvises, Gorky Park, etc. The interior of the establishment corresponds to the present Irish pub. The menu presents a wide variety of dishes of European cuisine in the author’s adaptation. The bar card will pleasant you, in which presents a variety of beers, drinks, cocktails. The European menu, a wide selection of drinks, hookah, dancing at the bar and live music make the evening incendiary. There is a pub in the heart of Kyiv, in the Passage.
Address: Khreshchatyk str., 15/4
Contacts: +38(050)440-15-25, +38(044)278-17-17
Work time: Mon – Sun from 12:00 to the last client
Average check: 500-800 UAH per person.

2. “O’Brien’s” – an Irish pub, where a pint of Guinness is poured according to international requirements. In 2014, the pub was officially accredited by Guinness and was awarded a special sign “Quality Approved”. Located in the heart of Kyiv, in an old building at Mykhailivska Street. Thanks to the authentic atmosphere of the pub, the variety of draft beer and live music, this place has become the favourite for tourists from all over the world. It’s never boring – you can play billiards, watch football matches or just sit with a glass of beer. In the evenings, rock’n’roll, jazz and blues are played by Ukrainian bands. There is a souvenir shop.
Address: Mykhailivska str., 17-a
Contacts: +38(044)279-15-84
Work time: Mon – Sun from 12:00 to 00:00
Average check: 500-800 UAH per person.

3. “LYUBCHIK” – a pub-restaurant in Odessa style from the famous restaurateur Dima Borisov. Here you will be offered fresh live beer and with a glass of beer – delicious crayfish, mussels in wine sauce, fish dishes. Among the wide variety of snacks, you should to taste the Odessa sprat with black bread. The establishment is two-story, located at the bottom of Andreevsky descent, on Vozdvizhenka. In warm weather, a summer terrace is open inside a cozy courtyard with a colorful interior.
Address: Vozdvyzhenska st., 10-b
Contacts: +38(050)390-61-31
Work time: Mon – Sun from 10:00 to 23:00
Average check: 300-700 UAH per person.

4. “Naturlich” – a beer club, located in the centre of Kyiv. It is in “Naturlich” is the widest choice of draft beer (some varieties are presented exclusively). The beer card is so diverse that everyone will find a beer for themselves according to their taste. The institution offers more than 40 varieties from different countries of the world. The main dishes are assorted from German grilled sausages and beer snacks. The pub is very popular, so it’s better to book a table if you want to relax in this place. In summer, the summer playground is open.
Address: B.Khmelnitsky str., 3-a
Contacts: +38(044)279-79-29, +38(067)112-13-20
Work time: Mon – Sun from 11:00 to 23:00
Average check: 500-800 UAH per person.

5. “Pyvna Duma” – a chain of restaurants with its own craft brewery. There is always fresh light, wheat and dark beer. Here they brew classic beers according to the author’s recipe, as well as seasonal exclusive beers. Menu – steaks, snacks, homemade sausages. The institution hosts screenings of sports events, there are tables for playing table football. In the center “Pyvna Duma” is located on Podil and Khreshchatyk.
Addresses/Contacts: 1. Spasska st., 5. Tel.: +38(098)002-52-25. 2.Khreshchatyk st., 10. Tel.:+38(098)979-78-78.
3.Dmytrivska st., 2. Tel.:+38(096)533-59-13.
Work time: Mon – Sun from 12:00 to 00:00
Average check: 300-600 UAH per person.

6. “Solomenska Brovarnya” – a three-tier beer restaurant on the Andriivsky Descent, with a view of the Castle of Richard. The interior of the establishment is made in the classical style, typical for a pub – dark wood furniture, leather sofas, in one of the halls there is a tiled stove. Here you can watch sports broadcasts, listen to “live” music performed by young cover bands. The beer card contains six types of beer, of which five are main and the sixth is seasonal. Restaurant menu – beer snacks, hot and meat dishes. “Solomenska Brovarnya” is the only brewery in Kyiv, which brews all year round (beer of the top fermentation).
Address: Andriivsky Descent, 28-a
Contacts: +38(097)248-07-77, +38(098)500-07-08
Work time: Mon – Sun from 12:00 to 00:00
Average check: 300-500 UAH per person.

7. “THIS IS PIVBAR” – the pub with a large selection of draft and bottled beer, located in the centre of the capital, at the Besseyna Street. Combining the traditions of different cultures of the world, the institution offers beer lovers to taste not only Ukrainian varieties, but also the beers’ varieties of Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, the Czech Republic. For those who could not decide which beers to choose, the pub offers tasting sets for 4 types of beer. And the beer guides will tell you which beer is suitable for this or that dish. From Thursday to Saturday in the evening at the pub you can hear performances of musical groups. “THIS IS PIVBAR” is the meeting place of beer gourmets and world beer traditions.
Address: 1.Baseina str., 15. 2. Lesia Ukrainka blvd., 26.
Contacts: +38(044)334-33-33
Work time: Mon – Thu, Sun from 11:00 to 00:00, Fri – Sat from 11:00 to 02:00.
Average check: 500-800 UAH per person.

8. “Antwerpen” – a cosy place in the centre of the capital, hidden from the city noise in one of the courtyards at the Pushkinska Street. This two-storeyed museum-restaurant will take you to the times of old Europe and offer you to taste 15 varieties of Belgian beer. Belgian and European cuisine is represented. Specialty dishes are the ribs “Antwerp”. The main feature of the institution is a collection of antiquarian works of art, painting, sculptures from bronze of Flemish, French and German masters. Sincere romantic place will not leave you indifferent.
Address: Pushkinska str., 38
Contacts: +38(044)234-13-00, +38(097)234-13-00
Work time: Mon – Sun from 12:00 to 23:00
Average check: 400-700 UAH per person.

9. “Dorothy Pub” – a pub in the center of the capital, where there is always a sincere atmosphere, hospitality and fun. In the evenings, live performances of various performers take place here, local musicians, bands with author and cover programs play. It is worth stopping by to enjoy original arrangements in the style of rock, jazz, blues. The menu has a large selection of draft beer and drinks, a varied josper menu, as well as burgers, khachapuri, beer snacks.
Address: Saksahanskoho st., 16/43
Contacts: +38(044)287-05-30
Work time: Mon – Sun from 12:00 to 23:00
Average check: 500-800 UAH per person.

10. “REBER BAR” – a new bar-restaurant specializing in Ukrainian varieties of craft beer and ribs. REBER BAR offers draft beer from the Chumakov, Kumpel and Persha Dniprovska breweries. The menu includes pork ribs, smoked ribs in craft beer, spiced lamb chops, steaks, burgers, and salads. Here you can not only drink fresh beer, but also watch football matches. DJ sets are often held on weekends.
Address: Velyka Vasylkivska str., 13\1
Contacts: +38(098)909-30-43
Work time: Mon – Sun from 11:00 to 23:00
Average check: 500-800 UAH per person.