Top 10 pubs in Dnipro

Beerhouse – is one of the very first beer restaurants in Dnipro (Sichovykh Striltsiv Street 3). It features cozy atmosphere, great selection of fine European beers (Czech, German, Belgian beers), as well as a variety of snacks. Guests often mention in their reviews the service and staff of the establishment, who wear beautiful Belgian clothes. Average check: 300-500 UAH per person.

Strasse – is a place with affordable prices in the heart of Dnipro (4 Hrushevskoho Street). This German pub is located on two levels of the basement and has three halls. The interior of the pub is made in the typical European pub style. Dishes here are prepared from natural ingredients. Popular beer snacks include sausages (Munich, Bavarian ones, etc.), as well as dried veal. The assortment includes Belgian, German, Irish, Czech and other beers. Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.

Three legs – is one of the best pubs in Dnipro (Magdeburg Law Street, 3-a). The Three legs was one of the first in Ukraine to have introduced crafted beer from the Scottish BrewDog on a permanent basis. A variety of beers and whiskeys to everyone’s liking, original presentation of dishes, a cozy interior and often fully packed hall are the indicators of its. Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.

Varburger – is a gastronomic pub (Heroes of the Maidan Square, 1). The menu features burgers, salads and various side dishes. The pub serves breakfast – eggs and liver chops. A proper cocktail card is presented. Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.

Sneakers of Art Critic – is a popular pub in Dnipro, located on the Grushevsky, 4 street. Beer is a cult here. The pub offers xcellent interior, energetic atmosphere, first-class service and fresh beer – all you need in a proper pub. It features a wide selection of beer, ranging from Ukrainian manufacturers to the leading European brands. They also serve crafted beer. Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.

BRAZZUKA – is a pub located on the Dnipro Embankment (9-B Peremohy Embankment). The interior of the establishment consists of red wooden furniture and a bar counter, decorated in the form of a terrarium with sea creatures. The decor uses fishing nets, sails and various tackles, which creates the atmosphere of an old port tavern. The menu is abundant in fish and seafood dishes, as well as with grill menu. There is a large selection of vintage wines, as well as draft beer and snacks. Average bill: 300-500 per person.

Banka – is an Irish pub in the Dnipro Embankment area, near Taras Shevchenko Park (Ivan Akinfiiev Street 5). The establishment is very popular among the townspeople. The interior is decorated in the style of a traditional beer bar. The menu includes dishes of European and Irish cuisine and a big selection of beer sets. The bar card is represented by a wide range of beer and spirits. Just like all proper pubs, this one always offers fresh beer, a cozy atmosphere and regular sports evenst broadcast. Average bill: 300-500 UAH per person.

Gray bird pub – is a traditional pub in the center of Dnipro, owned by famous football player of the “Dnipro” team Roman Zozulya (Korolenko, 2). There are different types of beer in the bar menu. You can also have a snack here, for example, by ordering a salad, meat dishes or beer snacks. The pub always broadcasts football matches. In the evenings, live music is played by local music groups. Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.

MILK – is a bar in the center of the city of Dnipro (Korolenko, 3-a), where you will find beer of popular world brands such as Belgian, Mexican, Irish, German and others. The place is purely for young people, with the “Star wars” hall available. The most popular items on the bar menu are burgers and beer snacks. In addition to beer, visitors also like delicious cocktails here. The place is in the courtyard, which creates a special atmosphere. Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.

Shamrock – is an Irish pub located on the main artery of the city along 41 Yavornytsky Ave. It is one of the first Irish pubs in Dnipro. There is always fresh Guinness and Newcastle Brown Ale and one of the largest the assortments of “island” varieties of whiskey in the city. The prices are affordable. According to the visitors, the place is really ambient, one of those where you want to return. Average check: 200-400 UAH per person.