Top 10 fast food in Kiev

1.«Puzata Hata» – a network of fast food restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine. In the centre these restaurants can be found in the shopping malls “Globus” on Maidan, in Passage, on the Baseyna Street behind the Bessarabian market. The concept of the network is cosy establishments with an unordinary interior, various dishes of national cuisine and democratic prices. It is believed that “Puzata Hata” has also become one of the culinary visiting cards not only of the capital, but also of Ukraine. In restaurants there is a bar where you can order ginger tea, coffee or a strong drink, and in cool weather – spicy mulled wine. Here you can also order desserts to your taste.
Addresses: 1.Baseyna str., 1/2a. 2.Khreshchatyk str., 15/4. 3.Velyka Vasylkivska str., 40.
4.Kontraktova Sq., 2/1. 5. Verhniy Val str., 28/30. 6.Shota Rustaveli st., 16. 7.Georgy Kirpa str., 3 (railway station, open from 06:00).
Contacts: +38(044)391-46-99
Work time: Mon – Sun from 08:00 to 23:00
Average bill: 100-200 UAH per person.

2.«KFC» – a world-renowned public catering network specializing in chicken dishes. In Ukraine, the first KFC opened at the end of 2012, becoming one of the most popular places for an inexpensive and tasty snack. Today there are more than 20 locations in Kyiv. Here you can eat chicken burgers, sandwiches, twisters, salads and desserts. There are many seasonal offers, there are often promotions, and you can also order food delivery.
Address: 1.Khreshchatyk st., 13. 2.Esplanadna st., 2-a. 3.Honchara st., 96-a. 4.Peremohy ave., 24.
Work time: Mon – Sun from 07:00 to 23:00
Average bill: 100-250 UAH per person.

3.«Yaroslava» – is a legendary place and a favourite cafe-bar among the citizens of the capital, located on the Yaroslav’s Val Street. It is famous for its atmosphere and fresh pastries.Cafe-bar has its own bakery. Therefore, it is here that the most fresh and tasty patties, and a great diversity. Entering the room, you think that you were in the times of Kyivan Rus. The interior is decorated in an original style, reminiscent of the ancient Slavic mansions with wooden furniture, painted walls, wrought-iron chandeliers and chairs. The original setting and atmosphere is complemented by the staff in ancient Slavic clothing.
Address: Yaroslaviv Val str., 13
Contacts: +38(044)272-42-60
Work hours: Mon – Sun from 09:00 to 22:00
Average bill: 100-200 UAH per person.

4.«Domino’s Pizza» – the world network of pizzerias, founded in the USA in 1960. In Kyiv, the first pizzeria of the network was opened only in 2010. Today there are about 30 locations in the capital. In the centre you can find its restaurants on the Tereshchenkivska Street and Baseyna Street behind the Bessarabian market. Recommending itself, Domino’s was recognized the best network of pizza parlors in Ukraine, as well as the Best Pizza Delivery Company. Feature of exquisite pizza is preparing according to the original recipe in the oven at a temperature of 260 ° C, as well as a correctly prepared sauce. Domino’s is a favourite place for many citizens. Here you can taste delicious pizza at a democratic price. The minimal price of pizza for 370 gr. (22 cm) – 79 UAH.
Addresses: 1.Baseyna str., 17. 2.Saksaganskogo str., 68/21. 3.Tereshchenkivska, 4-a.
4.Sagaydachnogo str., 14. 5.Sichovyh Striltsiv str., 77. 6.George Kirpa str., 3 (railway station). 7.Honchara st., 62/
Contacts: +38(044)222-11-11
Work time: Mon – Sun from 10:00 to 00:00
Average bill: 150-200 UAH per person.

5.«McDonald’s» – the world-famous fast food network. Ukraine became the 102nd country in which McDonald’s opened and it happened in Kyiv in the distant 1997. Today in the capital McD can be found at almost every metro station, and the restaurants of the network have become the most visited. As in the whole world, McDonald’s range is full of different dishes – burgers, salads, pancakes, desserts. There is a special menu in the morning. Each restaurant has free wi-fi, in some of them operates McCafe, where you can order delicious coffee with sweets. Many locations offer the service McDrive. In the centre you can find its restaurants on Maidan, in the shopping mall “Globus” and on Khreshchatyk.
Addresses/Work time: 1.Sofiivska str., 1/2. Mon – Sun from 08:00 to 22:00. 2.Khreshchatyk str., 19-a. Mon – Sun from 08:00 to 23:00.
3.Velyka Vasylkivska str., 22. Mon – Sun from 06:00 to 23:45. 4.Bohdan Khmelnitsky str., 40/25. Mon – Sun from 08:00 to 22:00.
5.Vokzalna sq., 2 (railway station). Mon – Sun from 05:00 – 23:45. 6.Yuriy Ilyenko str., 3. Mon – Sun from 06:00 to 23:45.
Contacts: 0-800-50-15-79 (hotline – from 7:00 to 01:00)
Average bill: 100-150 UAH per person.

6.«BPSH» – a public catering network of the famous Ukrainian restaurateur Dima Borisov. Here you will be offered to taste: “B” – meat bilyash, “P” – sweet donut and “SH” – juicy shawarma with halal chicken. You can also order chicken broth, sweet potato fries, drinks. And, of course, it is not only tasty, but also affordable for everyone;) Bilyash (pork, beef, chicken) – 39 UAH, donuts with powdered sugar (6 pcs.) – 19 UAH, CLASSIC shawarma – 69 UAH.
Addresses: 1.B.Vasilkivska st., 21. 2.Antonovich st., 48. 3.Baseina st., 2. 4.Vokzalna sq., 2-a. 5.Mazepa st., 3. 6.Nyzhny Val st., 37/20.
Work hours: Mon – Sun from 10:00 to 23:00.
Average bill: 100-250 UAH per person.

7.«Salateira» – a network of fast-healthy restaurants offering Italian cuisine. The network immediately gained special love from local residents and guests of the capital once it appeared on the Ukrainian market. Here, dishes are prepared from fresh and high-quality products right in front of the client, prices are reasonable and portions are unrealistically large. The menu includes salads, pasta, sandwiches, ravioli, signature desserts, seasonal drinks and cream soups. The network’s chip is an open kitchen, as well as a water-station zone, where every guest can drink free water with lemon and mint.
Addresses: 1.Sahaydachnyi str., 37. 2.Yaroslavska str., 56. 3.Volodymyrska str., 51/53.
4.Velyka Vasylkivska str., 72. 5.Maidan Nezalezhnosti (1st line in the “Globus”, from 10:00). 6.Sportyvna sq., 1-a.
Contacts: +38 (044) 227-43-44.
Work hours: Mon – Sun from 09:00 to 22:00.
Average bill: 150-250 UAH per person.

8.«» – a network of coffee shops bakeries, operating not only in Kyiv, but all over Ukraine (more than 100 branches). The chain of coffee houses includes cozy small cafes of one or more halls, with a concise design and a pleasant atmosphere, where they always serve hot homemade cakes and aromatic coffee. In addition, you can taste puffs and croissants with savoury and sweet fillings, several pizza options, hot dogs, muffins and cakes. You can not only eat at the cafe, but also take awat. Coffee shops often offer promotions and discounts.
Addresses: 1.Sofiivska str., 1. 2.Besarabska Ave., 2. 3.Yuriy Ilyenko str., 1.
4.Verhniy Val str., 20 (from 08:00 to 21:00). 5.Peremohy Ave., 48-a (from 08:00 to 22:00).
Contacts: 0-800-21-00-92 (hotline – from 9:30 to 18:30).
Work hours: Mon – Sun from 08:00 to 23:00
Average bill: 100-200 UAH per person.

9.«Mr.Grill Hotdogs&Burgers» – fast food grill-restaurants by American style, where hot dogs and burgers are the main dishes of the menu. The main concept of the restaurant is the tradition of American cuisine in conjunction with fusion. The line of burgers and various hot dogs are developed, where each one has the same name as presidents of America. Besides the menu offers appetizers, soups, salads, desserts. There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails.
Address: Khreshchatyk str., 7/11
Contacts: +38(095)273-21-80
Work time: Mon – Sun from 11:00 to 23:00
Average bill: 200-300 UAH per person.

10.«Nikolai» – a pie shop where all kinds of pies are made from puff-yeast dough. Here you can try more than 20 kinds of different pies. Among them are especially delicious pies with turkey, cherry, raspberry, blueberry, apples, spinach and feta cheese. The menu also includes dumplings, soups and salads. The place is not for pies only though! In “Nikolay, there is a bar where you can order both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, beer and wine. All the branches of the network organize film screenings, with summer playground operating during warm season.
Addresses: 1.Saksahanskoho str., 26/26. 2. Bohdan Khmelnitsky, 35/1. 3.Sahaydachny str., 37 (Mon-Thu, Sun from 10:00 to 22:00, Fri-Sat from 10:00 to 23:00).
Contacts: +38(044)353-99-96.
Work hours: Mon – Sun from 09:00 to 22:00
Average bill: 200-350 UAH per person.