Top 10 entertainments in Dnipro

Jumping from the tower. You can get a portion of adrenaline right in the center of the city by jumping off the tower of the “Most City” office center (Glinka Street, 2). The height of the building reaches up to 70 m, which allow the thrill-seekers to experince 35 m of free fall. It is worth noting that this tower is the highest object for rope-jumping in Ukraine.

Adventure parks. For those who prefer conquering the peaks, Dnipro offers the “High Park” Adventure Tower (Glinka Street, 2-a). It is an adventure park that consists of different levels and a climbing wall. Also here you can ride a trolley (100 m) above the lake of the Globa park, jump from a height of 12 m and try yourself climbing walls or a rope-jumping in the adventure park.

Water activities – is a popular type of recreation among the townspeople. The “Happy Day” water park (Victory Quay, 37-d) remains number 1 among the favorite water attractions in Dnipro. This is the largest water park in the city (16 thousand m2). In summer, excursion motor ships run along the city embankment of the Dnieper water area. During the trip you can admire the beautiful views, see the Monastery Island and the unique Merefa-Kherson Bridge.

Water sports. Due to the fact that the city stands on the river, a variety of water sports and water activities is huge. Nowadays, young people are especially interested in wakeboarding, windsurfing and kitesurfing. You can rent water equipment in the “Eco Tour” yacht club (3 Naberezhna Peremohy St.), “Sentosa” club (37 Naberezhna Peremohy Str.), etc.

Motorized Entertainment. Those who want to spend time “on wheels” in Dnipro, can go rollerblading, rent a bicycle or a car. A warm season is especially suitable for cycling. You can ride a bicycle by renting a bike in the Adrenaline (Korolenko st., 21), the Bike Rent (Sicheslavska embankment, 35-b.) or in the Lavina Entertainment Park (20, Kosmichna st.). You can get equipment for roller-skating in the “Azpirin” (Starokozatska, 58 street). Those who love comfort, can rent any car by contacting the “Narscars” (Malinowski Street, 2). For those, who want to arrange a party “on wheels”, we offer a Discobus or Party-Bus (Rudenka, 29-a).

Bowling – is a great way to spend time with friends. MADISON the largest bowling club in Dnipro, located in the “Most City” Shopping and Entertainment Complex (Glinka, 2 street). The club is equipped with 19 tracks, designed in accordance with a special project by the American company “Brunswisk”. On the territory there is a restaurant serving European food, a lounge area and a summer terrace.

Quest rooms. Today quests have become a fashionable entertainment among people of all ages. Those wishing to refresh their brains or feel the adrenaline rush can choose quest rooms of varying complexity and themes, as well as horror rooms by booking on www.

Paintball – is team game for those who like active leisure time. In Dnipro, you can book a game in the “Agressor” paintball club (Zavodska Embankment, 53 street). Also here you can play laser tag, ride a quad bike and shoot at the dash. Annually the club hosts the Cup of Ukraine in paintball.

Fishing – is one of the most popular hobbies. You can go fishing and, at the same time, enjoy nature and its silence near the Dnieper. For example, 20 km away from Dnipro there is a Samara fish farm (Alexandrivka), where carp is found. “Pashyna Balka” is a place 32 km away from Dnipro, where carp, carp, amur and perch are found. In the tract of Kirovske (25 km from the Dnipro) you can go fishing for perch or tench.

Winter entertainment. In winter season the “Lavina” amusement park is operating in the city. It’s a ski resort with up to 250 m tracks and a skating rink (Kosmichna, 20 st.). In addition, night skating and other interesting events are provided. Its territory houses a restaurant and a hotel. In summer, “Lavina” is an open space where the largest festivals, concerts, performances and other events take place.