Secret bars in Lviv

Haven’t you already gone, for the sausage meter-long?!

Lviv has its own places that only local residents know about. Such “secret” establishments, hidden from the eyes of tourists, include the Kryivka and the Galician restaurant. However, this is not the whole list of speak easy bars. If you manage to get into one of these locations, we guarantee that you will be really surprised! Well, if you can’t find it yourself, our guide will come to the rescue!

We conduct a tour around the secret bars of Lviv.

The tour includes: visiting 3-4 establishments, table booking, tasting, guiding, transfer, ensuring safe and comfortable leisure. Tour duration is minimum 3 hours. Order 5 + hours and get 1 hour free!

Order a tour by phone: +380964425437 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram).