Nadezhda Guide in Odessa

Nadezhda works in the accompaniment and entertainment

Nadezhda Guides in Odessa


  • the cultural and picturesque parts of the city, which will not leave you indifferent (tourist attractions and cultural institutions of the city, filled with the Odessa mentality);
  • entertainment program for those who want to spend an unforgettable evening in an unforgettable city. The evening promises to be interesting!) Everything is up to you!)

In addition:

  • interpreter of English language and a people person:)

Age: 31
Height: 170

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English – upper-intermediate

Education: psychology; guide courses.
Interests: photography, music, writing songs, art.
Hobbies Sports: yoga, fitness.

Favorite places in Odessa:
Odessa – is the soul …and its heat is inexhaustible! Odessa – is the sea, which will amaze you with its depth.) The waves of the sea will engulf you with the love for life! What can I say…? ) There are many interesting places in Odessa! Everyone chooses what he likes.
To know what your soul desires, you need to try everything, what it is. )

If you know what your soul wishes to find in our amazing city, I will tell you where to go for it.)
What if you don’t know what will make your trip to Odessa as the best time in your life…?
I will show you the treasure of our city and you will enjoy each moment of your time here!

About me:
Charismatic and energetic lady!) I am a person who filled with happiness! I enjoy life.
And … First of all, I am a Creative person! It is nice to meet you!)