Nadezhda Guide in Odessa

Nadezhda works in the accompaniment and entertainment

Nadezhda Guides in Odessa


  • walks on the cultural and picturesque parts of the city, which will not leave you indifferent (tourist attractions and cultural institutions of the city, filled with the Odessa mentality);
  • entertainment program for those who want to spend an unforgettable evening in an unforgettable city.The evening promises to be interesting!) Everything is up to you!) Your tour guide will take care of you!

In addition:

  • interpreter of English language and a people person:)

Age: 29
Height: 170
Education: Tyumen State University, specialty – psychology.

Foreign language skills:
English – upper-intermediate
Spanish – elementary

Interests: photography, music, writing songs, art.
Hobbies Sports: yoga, fitness.

Favorite places in Odessa:
Odessa – is the soul …and its heat is inexhaustible! Odessa – is the sea, which will amaze you with its depth.) The waves of the sea will engulf you with the love for life! What can I say…? ) There are many interesting places in Odessa! Everyone chooses what he likes.
To know what your soul desires, you need to try everything, what it is. )

If you know what your soul wishes to find in our amazing city, I will tell you where to go for it.)
What if you don’t know what will make your trip to Odessa as the best time in your life…?
I will show you the treasure of our city and you will enjoy each moment of your time here!

About me:
Charismatic and energetic lady!) I am a person who filled with happiness! I enjoy life.
And … First of all, I am a Creative person! It is nice to meet you!)

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