Kartings in Kiev

Yay, let’s catch a ride!!!

Karting is fun for speed lovers and those who want to get a shot of adrenaline. In Kiev, there are a lot of open go-karting centers, where you can let out feelings by speeding up “to the fullest.” There are go-kart centers, that operate both in winter and in summer. The karting circuits are equipped with a multi-level track and modern vehicles with powerful engines. There is also a school that provides training for beginners. We will organize the best karting track in Kyiv for your group and book it at a time convenient for you.

The program includes: booking a location, visiting a go-karting center, transfer, a guide, ensuring safe and comfortable leisure. Tour duration is minimum 3 hours.

Order a tour by phone: +380964425437 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram).