The sightseeing tour Odessa

The sightseeing tour Odessa covers the central part of the city. The historic center has a variety of architectural monuments such as the famous Opera House (which is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe), the monument to Pushkin and the archaeological museum, the estate of Count Vorontsov. The whole city center is of the same historic style of the 18th century, and gives us the ability to plunge into the atmosphere of the era very quickly. After communication with our guide you will have good memories of the places seen. If you are still full of power, we can drop into some popular establishments of the city. So you can not only get acquainted with the cultural part of the city, but also plunge into its party life.

Sightseeing tour Odessa

The service cost – $ 20 / hour + associated expenses.

The sightseeing tour is to your attention. Odessa has always been considered the center of humor in Ukraine. You’ll make sure of it when you pass the monument to Duke as a part of your route. You will be offered to look at the Duke from the second hatch. Or the building of one wall, where the residents claim that the apartments there are very spacious.