Tatiana guide in Kiev

Tatiana works in excursions, accompaniment and entertainment


  • cultural program (historical objects, cathedrals, museums, ets);
  • realization of sityside excursions and excursions on the districts of Kyiv;
  • entertaining routes (entertaining events, festivals, concerts, thematic pubs and other).

In addition:

  • professional tour guide in Kyiv and its outskirts (Mamaeva Sloboda, Pirogovo, Mezhyhiria);
  • I propose author’s excursions “Mystical Kiev”;
  • realization of departure excursions (Kozelets-Chernigov,ets);
  • helding excursions not only for adults, but also for children of different ages.

Age: 31
Height: 166

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English – upper-intermediate
Ukrainian – native

Education: Kyiv National Aviation University.
Interests: music (I’m a vocalist of the rock-band).
Sport hobbies: fitness.

Favorite places in Kiev:
Kyiv is an extraordinary energetic city, complete legends, stories and beliefs. Kyiv is hidden in itself very much mysticism and secrets.
My favourite place is the Green Theatre located on Pechersk. Although tourists I lead more often on Florovsky cemetery on the Zamkova hill – the place with witches;) This area is located on the old mountain and became overgrown with in a number of legends and scuttlebutts.

There are corners in Kyiv, where tourists get rarely, for example, pagan temples, places with magic signs, like pentagramm.
This is mysticism of our city. Here I conduct authorial excursions.

I like to conduct children’s excursions, especially for teenagers. They are my fans, because their problems are very close to me.
I’ll find an approach even for kids – I’ll give an excursion to children in carriages and slings))

I organize quests on my excursions. So get ready for an adventure! I don’t retell a guide-book! I live by the heroes and make you to be fell in love with my favourite corners of Kyiv! I will lead you away to the parallel world to have new knowledge! I will show a completely another city!
With me you will not be bored! ;)

About me:
Mega sociable and emotional, have people with me easily. I find a common language from the first minute.
I’m not a lecturer – I am an interlocutor!