Mila Guide in Odessa

Mila works in accompaniment


  • provider in Ukrainian culture (historical, cultural and art part);
  • personal assistant (fix all your problems at least during your vacation here);
  • professional guide (sightseeing, catacombs, Jewish Odessa, some of suburban tours);
  • your fun-maker (sport, entertainment, restaurants, themed pubs, parties, etc.).

In addition:

  • professional interpreter (English);
  • your “partner in crime”;
  • “all you can see” service.

Age: 33
Height: 170

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English – advanced

Education: Zaporizhzhia State Engineering Academy, specialty – management.
Interests: foreign languages (Italian, Spanish), art, reading, traveling.
Hobbies Sports: yoga, pilates, hiking, soccer .

Favorite places in Odessa:
Maybe you’ll be surprise of my list, but when you will see it — you will understand.
First of all — Opera House. And not just to say, it can be your brightness impression from Odessa. Nice dressed people there, fantastic interiors, really good quality of program, 10 euro price for the best seats and glass of champagne in the break can make you love this kind of art.

Then it is really difficult to decide about right place for dinner between garden restaurants and the sky one. Just because kitchen, service and atmosphere are adorable everywhere! I will show you the best places of any kind of kitchen you like.

And, for sure, you didn’t come in Odessa to sleep — the best nightlife is waiting for you! Depends on the season you can visit some lots of our beach clubs or glamorous club with dress code, or disco of 80-s, where you can relax like on mama`s sofa! But not too long, because art museums and historical objects are waiting for you in the morning! :) And they are also a lot of fun! Just fallow your vibes and let you the best vacation ever.

How was your last visit to Odessa? I hope it was enjoyable, that is what I am here to offer you. If you have yet to travel to my beautiful country by all means, let me show you how it is done.

About me:
I am a native, I know what is not written on a map or in a guide book. I am fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, and English. If you are looking for a relaxed affordable vacation, and you want to experience as if you were a local, please, allow me to be your best friend in Odessa!!!
Whatever it is that you may need whether it be looking to purchase a property or looking for the best accommodations in the city or attractions, I can help you fill that need. I can also help arrange transportation or a guided tour also I can help you with any problems you may have in the Ukraine.