Kiev sea

The Kiev Sea – a reservoir with an area of 922 km² on the Dnipro River to the north of Kyiv, created in 1964-1966 for the construction of a hydroelectric power station in the Vyshgorodsky district (42 km from Kyiv). At the end of XIX century at the place of the sea there was a usual bottomland. For the construction of the Kiev Sea, it had to drown 52 villages.

The difference in altitude between the reservoir and the distant channel of the Dnipro is used by the Kyiv hydroelectric station for generation the electricity. Its length is about 110 km, and the largest width is 12 km. In summer the water warms up to 20-24 ° C. The reservoir was the last of six large reservoirs on the Dnipro. Along the coast you can fishing, kite surfing, relax on the beach or have a picnic.