Interesting places in Lviv

We will show you the most interesting places in Lviv, and even accompany you. Choose a guide in Lviv, and you”ll be offered a personal tour of the most interesting places of the city. You can add or exclude anything. It will not be boring tour where you are going and listening with the group about some historical events.

We will show you interesting places in Lviv. Our guides know a lot of interesting places in Lviv and will assort what you’ll like most. Lviv – the cultural capital of Ukraine and has hundreds of museums, castles and cathedrals, beautiful parks. Brand of Lviv – delicious coffee and chocolate. This trip will leave you with sweet memories. Lviv is close to “Europe” not only geographically, but also in spirit.interesting places in Lviv The church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

The church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary … At the end of the atheistic period in 1989 in Sykhiv awakened religious life, began to build up churches. In 1990, 10 thousand people gathered with a desire to build a temple. With such a desire on the same day a stone was laid for the construction of the temple.
The same year, it was announced a tender for building the church.

The winner of the competitive tender was the project by Radoslav Zhuk, his teacher was Louis Kahn. In 1995 construction of the church began, and already October 8, 2000 the temple was built. After a year in this temple was a meeting of John Paul II the Patriarch of Rome with young people. This meeting brought together half a million people. Temple is designed for 1,000 people. More than one hundred architects of Lviv believe the temple is the latest example of architecture.Interesting places in Lviv Church of Saint Olga and Saint Elisabeth

A place that will surprise you with its architecture – Church of Saint Olga and Saint Elisabeth. It is the highest in Lviv and reaches 85 meters. Pointed structure of the temple is simply amazing. First it was the Church of St. Elizabeth. In 1991, the name was changed because it was given to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.Interesting places in Lviv Chocolate Factory

Lviv Chocolate Factory. Even name intrigue you, as here the best and the most delicious products with chocolate are made. You can order here an aromatic coffee or coffee cocktail and get a sweet souvenir. Address: 3 Serbian, Str.; 5 Sichovykh Striltsiv Str.Interesting places in Lviv Museum of Weapons "City arsenal"

Museum of Weapons “City arsenal.” Here you can see the swords, spears, protective armor – the most interesting (from the smallest to the largest weapons guns). If you want to feel like a brave knight or a strong cossack, it will be much easier for you to imagine yourself as the medieval hero after all seen.Beer Museum

Beer Museum is mysterious and unusual. It retains its centuries-old brewing traditions that were founded by Robert Doms. The museum was founded in 2005 in Lviv brewery. You will learn the most interesting things about how beer was made in ancient times. You’ll see medieval cooking ovens and fermentation tanks, barrels of beer, the first bottles of the ancient jugs. After visiting the museum, you can taste the best beer in the beautiful historic restaurant “Lviv Brewery”.Interesting places in Lviv Robot
Robot in the backyard of the restaurant “Kryivka”.

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