Excursions in Odessa

Excursions in Odessa

ANNA – the Author of Excursions in Odessa.

Экскурсоводы Одессы
With the help of my favorite excursion in Odessa you’ll get a unique opportunity to get to know new and interesting information about the city, and above all, about its inhabitants – Odessans!

You’ll pass along the historic center of Odessa, the route of which includes: the main street of the hero city – Deribasovskaya, a visit of the Teschin bridge (a romantic place in the city) and the recognizable One Wall House.

We’ll visit the Transfiguration Cathedral (a beautiful holy place), as well as the square on which it is situated – the Cathedral Square. Our tour also includes a visit of the park (choose yourself): the Shevchenko Park or the Victory Park. We would not go past the amazing National Opera and Ballet Theatre.
We’ll select either the opera or the ballet. It’s to your choice. It is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Especially beautiful in different seasons are the Seaside Boulevard (Primorsky) and the Sea Port.

And we’ll warm up in cozy cafes of the city – Zucchini and Top café. Both of these places have the service of high level. And at night we’ll enjoy the True Man and Morgan. If we have time on the same day, we can visit the Pushkin Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in Odessa or the Archaeological Museum. Such a set of interesting places, I’m sure, will please any tourist with its uniqueness and richness.

Excursions in Odessa

The price is 20 $ per hour (totally not more than 100$) + related expenses. Duration 2-6 hours.

NADEZHDA – the Author of Excursions in Odessa.


My author’s excursion in Odessa is a walk through the colorful and creative parts of our beloved city!
We don’t go around attention sights of the city such as Primorsky boulevard, the Potemkin Steps, The Sea Port, Vorontsov Palace and many other monuments.
It is important to see those places, but it is most important to feel the mentality of our city. )
A mentality of Odessa feels like a hot southern blood admixture with an extraordinary sense of humor).
I also put emphasis on the creative life of the city in my tour.

It is always interesting and varied! Each new moment of life is not like the moment before.)
Entertainment – it’s part of city life. You will find entertainment venues for your mood!
It all depends on what you like. )
Just let me know and I’ll tell you where to get it! )
I will take pictures of you durring the tour! I will do it with a great pleasure, if you want it! )
See you in Odessa!

Excursions in OdessaExcursions in Odessa

The price is 20 $ per hour (totally not more than 100$) + related expenses. Duration 2-6 hours

Excursions in Odessa

The excursion in Odessa covers the central part of the city. The historic center has a variety of architectural monuments such as the famous Opera House (which is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe), the monument to Pushkin and the archaeological museum, the estate of Count Vorontsov. The whole city center is of the same historic style of the 18th century, and gives us the ability to plunge into the atmosphere of the era very quickly.

After communication with our guide you will have good memories of the places seen. If you are still full of power, we can drop into some popular establishments of the city. So you can not only get acquainted with the cultural part of the city, but also plunge into its party life.

Excursion Odessa

The price is 20 $ per hour (totally not more than 100$) + related expenses. Duration 2-6 hours.

During the excursion in Odessa, You’ll learn about the outstanding  personalities of the city, the writers who worked here, great women of Odessa and from Odessa, the criminal talents of our city . And about outstanding scientists, doctors and their patients. You will hear a lot of legends and stories… and You and only You can decide which ones are true and which are passed on from generation to generation.

You will plunge into the world of mystery and love drama, played out in the 19th and 20th centuries in Odessa and far beyond its numerous theatres. Afterwards singing fountains of Arcadia and the fresh breeze of the sea will carry You away to Odessa of the 21st century.

P.S. The tour can be started from any point you want, because the whole one lasts 5-6 hours on foot.

Excursions in Odessa
Excursions in Odessa

The price is 20 $ per hour (totally not more than 100$) + related expenses. Duration 2-6 hours.