Excursions in Kiev


Excursions in Kiev

Description: Excursions around the districts of Kyiv: Khreshchatyk, Lypky, Upper City, Pechersk, Podil, Tatarka, Lukyanovka and New Buildings. These areas contain all the major every tourist must have heard about. By clicking on the route map picture, you can see a detailed description of these objects and their photos (click on the lens icon – ).

Also, during this excursion you can see top other interesting places in each district on the route map (museums, cathedrals, parks, theaters, murals, government buildings, panoramas, cinemas, bars, restaurants, etc.). Should you wish to check these objects by yourself, you can find a route map is located at the bottom of each page.


Excursion along the Andriivsky Descent

Andriivsky Descent

Description: During the excursion along the Andriivsky Descent you will see the Detynets (the foundation of Kyiv). There is also a Landscape alley and, of course, the Andriivsky descent.

Excursion around the Jewish Kiev

Jewish Kyiv

Description: During the excursion around the Jewish history of Kyiv, you can choose several route options and explore the Babiyn Yar, walk along the Jewish streets (Mezhyhirska and Yaroslavska), see profitable houses, hear interesting stories about patronage of famous personalities and visit synagogues.

Entertaining tour around Kyiv

Entertainments Kiev

Description: During the entertaining tour around Kyiv, you can choose any direction of your interest. It can be outdoor recreation, sports events, a motorized sightseeing around the city ( by car, by bicycle, by rollers, etc.), river trips (by ship, by yacht, by jet ski, etc.), partying (pubs, lounge bars, restaurants, nightclubs, festivals, concerts, etc.) or visiting cultural places (museums, exhibitions, galleries, theaters, etc.). After obtaining your preferences, our guide will become your pleasant company on an exciting route.

Excursion around Kiev of famous People

Famous people of Kiev
Description: During the excursion around Kiev of famous personalities, you can learn about life and work of the famous Kievans. They can be poets and writers, artists and sculptors, architects, scientists, patrons, figures of theater and cinema, etc.

Excursion around the temples and monasteries of Kiev

Temples and monasteries Kyiv
Description: On the excursion around the cathedrals and monasteries of Kiev, you can visit the different religions’ houses of God (Orthodox, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, etc.). Also you can set forth to places of pilgrimage and see the ancient shrines.

Route around view sites of Kiev

View sites Kiev
Description: You can include panoramas of Kiev option in any of the excursions you choose. They are located in the Upper City, Tatarka, Pechersk, Vydubychi and New Buildings.

Excursion around the Kiev Fortress

Kiev fortress
Description: During the excursion around the Kiev Fortress, you will see fortifications from the period of Kievan Rus and until the Soviet times. Remains of fortifications are located on the territory of the botanical garden named after Hryshko, Vydubychi, Pechersk, the Pechersk Lavra itself, Klovska metro station, Arsenalna metro station and others.

Excursions around mystical Kiev

Mysrical Kiev
Description: Excursions around mystical Kiev occupy a special place among our offers. For those who believe in supernatural forces, we offer you places such as temples, dungeons, necropolises, places of power and abandoned buildings scattered all over Kiev.

Excursions around the outskirts of Kiev

Outskirts Kiev
Description: During the excursions around the outskirts of Kyiv, you can visit the monastery complexes in different tracts of Kyiv (Kytaevo, Golosiievo), open air parks (“Kievan Rus” park, Pyrogovo, Feofaniia, etc.), exhibition centers (VDNH, factory of Christmas toys) , open air places (Mezhyhiria, Koncha-Zaspa, Pushcha-Vodytsia, the Kiev Sea, etc.) and much more. On the map, you can check out the location of objects, included in the route.

Interesting places around Kiev

Tourist places around Kiev
Description: Around Kiev, there are many interesting historical places. Within one day you will be able to visit one of them and come back (they are located within 200 km from Kiev). For convenience of your own route, the map is showing the objects and distance to them.

Many nationalities living in Kyiv consider it to be their native city. One of the deepest traces in its history and culture was left by the Jewish community, which derives from the 7th century Khazar community. The chronicle records a significant Jewish community of the 11th-13th centuries in the area of modern Lvivska Square. It’s noteworthy that a famous Israeli politician and Prime Minister Golda Mayer lived not far from there on the Baseina street.

Kyiv is not only famous by its diversity of cultures of the peoples that inhabit it but also by the diversity of religions reflected in its architecture. Despite the abundance of the Orthodox churches and monasteries (Pechersky Monastery, Mikhailivsky Golden-Domed Monastery, etc.) constructed because Kyiv is one of the oldest centers of the Orthodoxy, you can also find there Catholic and Protestant churches, Jewish sinagogues, Muslim mosques and oddly enough – even Hindu temples.

Only in our city you can make a full-scale excursion around only one street which also has a museum of its own history. This street is the Andreevsky Descent (Andriiivskyi Uzviz) – one of the oldest streets of the Old City.

Kyiv fortifications had been formed ever since the beginning of the city. No wonder Kyiv is called a fortress city. Also, for the heroic defense in the World War II, it has even been awarded with an honorary title of the Hero City and the Gold Star. During the excursions in Kiev our guides will tell you not only about the fortifications of the city but also about its heroic past.

Your desire to see Kyiv from the height is quite possible even without a quadrocopter. Nature itself took care of contemporary tourists, having created in the landscape of the city numerous “Kyiv mountains” (Starokyivska, Zamkova, Shchekavytsa, etc.). Kyievians only enhanced those natural viewing points with man-made ones: bell towers of the monasteries (Pechersk Monastery, Sofiivskyi Monastery, Mykhailivskyi Monastery) and monuments (Monument to Woman-Motherland).

Kyiv easily shatters the myth that all the most interesting things in the city are always in its downtown. On the outskirts of Kyiv, there are many attractions, the most interesting of which are the natural parks of Feofaniia (with its many healing springs) and Pushcha Voditsa (with its water in the forest, cold lakes and fringed forests) and others.

However, the biggest treasure of each city is its people. Thus the well-known townspeople make their city even more famous to the world. In Kyiv, many houses are full of signs saying “there lived …” or “there worked …” such and such figure ( of literature, of cinema, of art or monumental art) or a politician.

There are also so-called “places of devilry” or places of power in holy Kyiv. Even in the ancient pagan past the Slavs used to rever mountains struck by lightning (Perun’s menacing weapon). Naturally, the vegetation on such mountains (when hit by lightning) used to burn out, making them not only “bald” but also sacred objects of worshipping. Our guides will show you these mystical places of Kyiv.

Individual excursions in Kiev are developed with creative steps. You can see for yourself and make the order.

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