Excursions in Kiev


Sightseeng excursion in Kiev

“If you want just walk around, You will head Pecherskyi bound”

Upper town Kiev1-min

“Generation of Kievan Rus, Detynets and foundations. Сity of Volodymyr, Yaroslav, Iziaslav”

Lypky excursions

“Palaces, Mansions, Governmental buildings”

Khreshchatyk excursion

“Along Khreshchatyk to Maidan”

Podil excursion

“Lower Kiev-town, Embankment”

Pechersk excursion

“Pechersk Lavra, Motherland, Fortifications”

New development excursions

“All the huge exciting buildings gonna bring you plesant feelings”

Tatarka-Lukyanivka ecxursion

“Old Kiev cemeteries, Babyi Yar”


Andriivsky Descent excursion

“All of you must have been reading fairytales in childhood. Have you visited Peizazhka? Then you must have heard legends of Kievytsia, Horyvytsia. Did you climb the top of the hills? Did you pronounce “Chto upalo, to propalo” (“Whatever fell down, disappeared for good”) proverb on Andriisky descent for the first time? Did you encounter Bulgakov House number 13 on your way? ..”

Lavra excursion

“Kiev stands on Dnieper banks, ringing Lavra from all bells”

Motherland excursion

“Wars arise in world whenever, bitter mark they leave whatever”

Mystical Kiev excursion

“Bald Mountain is a sacred place, where ancestors were serving mess”

Jewish Kiev excursion

“This is the apartment house that Simon built. And this is the thing that stored in the synagogue. The capital is rich due Brodsky efforts. So shalom to all of you from Kyiv!”

Babyi Yar excursion

“Memory of the genocide victims at the place of the ancient Jewish necropolis”

St. Sophia Cathedral excursion

“Mosaics and frescoes of the times of Kievan Rus, graffiti”

Temples and monasteries of Kyiv excursion

“Grab the guide and find out, which is the coolest church around!”

View sites excursion

“Here all the sights in just one plan: Including golden bells and mountains span!”

Kiev Fortress excursion

“A fortress was created to protect the borders of the city. It was complemented, integrated and gradually expanded in Kievan Rus and reached our days”

Kiev of famous people excursion

“The soul shall fly – no need to worry, while guide will show you Kyiv glory!”

Outskirts of Kiev excursion

“Let’s ride around countryside, enjoy the view of buildings sight. And all the beauty you can see from monasteries to Kyiv Sea!”

Kiev region excursion

“There are nice places near Kiev, to get them would be good idea! Take guide with you and be mobile, so have a tour in perfect style!”

Places around Kiev excursion

“Have you already booked a tour? Have you gone through the neighboring areas? Have you learnt about the life story of the great princes or landowners of big, noble fortresses? Have you heard of Stalin’s bunker in the cave cliff or about Hitler’s stakes in an inconspicuous village?…”


Entertaining Kiev

“In Kyiv, it’s boring to walk alone, without knowing the places of parties and the prices, isn’t it? There are lots of bars, fun projects, cultural objects and creative ideas! After all, it’s great to go around with a guide till the morning, until you say: «Goodby, I should go!»”

«Dayting» offers exciting excursions around Kyiv. We have prepared for you sightseeing tours around central districts of the capital, where you will learn in detail about the following historical areas:

Upper (Old) city – that features the birth of Kyiv Grad (the city of Vladimir, Dytynets, Golden Gate, etc.);
Lypky – elite area (Mariinsky Palace, House with Chimeras, National Bank, Chocolate House, etc.);
The center – the main street of the capital (Khreshchatyk, Passage, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Conservatory, 0 km);
Podil – Lower Town (Kontraktova Square, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, House of Peter, River Port);
Pechersk – a prestigious district (Lavra, Kyiv Fortress, Motherland Monument, Mystetsky Arsenal, Botanical Garden);
Tatarka, Lukyanivka – the tract, which used to be the outskirts (Shchekavytsia, Ar-Rahma Mosque, Necropolis, Babyi Yar);
New Developmen – the area from the beginning of the XIX century (Operetta Theater, St. Nicholas Catholic Church, NSC “Olympic” and other objects).

Curious travelers and tourists who prefer unusual routes, can avail our customized exciting thematic tours.

Andriivsky Descent is the most popular tourist route. It’s a pedestrian street-museum, one of the oldest streets of the Upper Town, where every inch, every stone speaks the history. On the route you will see St. Andrew’s Church and find out why it doesn’t have a bell tower, hear the legend of Richard’s Castle, visit the One Street Museum or the mystical house N 13 where Bulgakov used to live. On Andriivsky Descent, you can walk for hours. There are theaters, galleries, souvenir market, cozy cafes and observation decks. The duration of the tour is 2-3 hours.

Temples of Kyiv. Kyiv is not only a cultural, but also a spiritual center. Here are hundreds of Orthodox churches and monasteries. The main shrines are the Pechersk Lavra, St. Sophia Cathedral, Vydubitsky and Zverinets Monasteries, founded during the period of Kievan Rus. Every year, thousands of pilgrims come to the monastery to worship the holy sites. Of course, there are temples dedicated to other religions, for example, Catholic, Muslim, Protestant ones. The Jewish community belongs to the Brodsky Synagogue, Rosenberg Synagogue and Galician Synagogue. The duration of the tour is 2-4 hours. Additionally, we invite you to the “Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra” and “St. Sophia Cathedral” excursions.

Jewish Kyiv. The Jewish people left one of the deepest traces in the history and culture of Kyiv. Thus, the Tale of Bygone Years speaks of a large Jewish community living in the 11th – 13th centuries around the current Lviv area. We suggest to walk along the route where Jews of different classes once settled, to see former chapels, the Talmud-Torah, orphanages, mansions, as well as land banks, workshops and other establishments. You will find out who Jacob Rosenberg, Lev Ginzburg, Solomon Cohen are, and what contribution the Brodsky family of patrons made to the development of the capital. Excursion duration is 2-3 hours. We invite you to visit the Memorial reserve “Babyn Yar”.

Kyiv fortress is the fortification of the city. Few people know that one of the world’s largest stone and earth fortresses was built in Kyiv. Today, the remains of fortifications make an architectural monument of military engineering. You can see earthen ramparts, defensive wall with caponiers in the museum complex, based on the base of the Hospital fortification. The complex hosts festivals and exhibitions. The Prison Museum operates here too. You will be told about the construction of the fortress, the Citadel, the art of war, the appearance of the prison and its “illustrious” prisoners in Koson Caponier. Excursion duration is 2-4 hours.

Mystical Kyiv is the most mysterious route. You will hear incredible stories about ghosts, poltergeist and Kyiv witches. You will find out where abnormal phenomena take place, where places of power with positive and negative energy are, where to come for “recharge”, and where to make a wish for it to come true. Excursion duration is 2 hours.

Observation decks are there for romantic people and fans of scenic spots. Viewing Kyiv from heights is feasible even without drones. Nature itself took care to create stunning landscapes with a panoramic view of the capital, such as Volodymyrska Girka, Pecherske Plateau, Zamkova Mountain and many hills. Kyiv citizens prefer not tourist places, securing themselves on the slopes of Schekavytsia or Cherepanova Mountain. You can glimpse at the surroundings from a bird’s-eye view from the observation decks of the Pechersk Lavra bell tower, St. Michael and St. Sophia Cathedrals. For extreme sports, we offer to climb the observation decks of the Motherland Monument, located at an altitude of 36 m and 91 m. No doubt, you will be truly impressed. Excursion duration is 2 hours. In addition, we invite you to the excursion “Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II. Motherland Monument”.

Famous Kyivans excursion is edicated to prominent personalities who glorified Ukraine. Life stories of many great people who lived and worked in our city are related with Kyiv. Among them Lesya Ukrainka, Sholom Aleichem, and Bulgakov. The capital used to Inspire writers, artists, sculptors, architects and famous cultural and art figures, such asMalevich, Vertinsky, Serge Lifar, Stupka. Here discoveries in aviation, engineering and healthcare were made. World-renowned scientists, wuch as Paton, Sikorsky, Amosov belng here too. You will be told about achievements of famous Kyivans, their life and work. If you wish, you can also visit the Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora. Excursion duration is 2 hours.

Entertaining Kyiv excursion is for fans of active recreation and entertainment, as well as for party-goers. Our team organizes leisure for both small and big companies to enjoy paintball, karting, party-bus, yachting, windsurfing or cycling. Gourmands can go for a beer or gastro tour. Fans of nightlife can enjoy themed pubs, popular bars and nightclubs.

Outskirts of Kyiv tour includes country side excursions to nature reserves, open-air museums, old tracts and other unique objects. We offer a choice of park “Feofaniya”, Kytaevo, Pirogovo and “Kievan Rus” Park. Mezhyhirya is especially popular. This is where previously was the residence of the former President Yanukovych. You can also visit the private zoo of “12 months” or the oldest factory of Christmas tree toys. Nature lovers can enjoy Pushcha-Voditsa with its cascade of lakes or the Kyiv Sea, where you can go fishing, surfing. Excursion duration is 4 hours.

For those, who wish to get acquainted with the sights around Kyiv, we organize a one or two-day tour around Kyiv region, Zhytomyr region, Chernihiv, Vinnytsia and other nearby regions.

All individual excursions in Kiev are organized by professional guides. We offer both individual and group tours. For foreign tourists we conduct tours in English, German, French and other languages. The creativity and flexibility of our guides will be the key to your positive emotions from the journey. You can see for yourself! Just send a request here.

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