Excursions for Kievans

Экскурсия для киевлян

We carry out individual excursions around Kyiv for Kiev citizens. The routes lie through amazing places of our city such as Kyiv Fortress, Lukianivka, Tatarka, Stalin Tunnels, etc. During our tours, you can immerse yourself in the history of the city, see unique architectural objects, and visit places hidden from the eyes of tourists. Below, is a selection of thematic tours. Duration is 2-3 hours.


We invite Kyivites to join our thematic personalised tours around Kyiv:

Kyiv “a la francais” – tour around the Upper City that includes a visit to St. Sophia Cathedral. You will learn about the formation and prosperity of Kyiv Rus, about its great princes and about the birth of Christianity. You will find out what role the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, Anna, played after marrying the French king, and how the pages of our history are intertwined with the history of France. We’ll walk along St. Andrew’s Descent – the 19th century Montmartre of Kyiv. At the end we will visit the Museum of One Street, where you will see dresses, tuxedos, photographs, banknotes, a gramophone and other objects from the beginning of the ХХ century.

Walk along Volodymyrska – one of the first and main streets of the capital, which once connected the cities of Volodymyr and Yaroslav. Today almost every building is an architectural monument. You’ll see the Trubetskoy mansion, the old firehouse, the Secret Services building, the former Prague Hotel, the Pedagogical Museum, the University and luxurious apartment buildings of the 18th-19th centuries. Names of Vertinsky, Gashek, Hrushevsky and other famous personalities are associated with this street. The final point of the tour will be a beloved by many visitors Shevchenko park.

Yaroslaviv Val, Reitarska, Stretenska, Velyka Zhytomirska streets – tour around ancient streets that once converged to Lviv Gate. During our trip you will learn the history of the foundation and development of streets, see the Baron Castle, the Karaite Kenassa, the former Zvezda military hotel, the Sikorsky house, the ambulance station, the courtyard with ravens, as well as apartment buildings and mansions of the 19th-20th centuries. The program can include a visit to the house of Podgorsky (the Baron’s Castle) or the sacristy gallery “Miraculous Icons of Athos”.

Yaroslav Val, Gonchar, Lipinsky, Franko streets – a walking excursion along the streets where Paustovsky and Pasternak used to walk. Figures of science, culture and art used to live here. We will see Podgorsky’s mansion, the House of the actor, the Suziria theater, the Kyiv intelligentsia square, the former Makovsky clinic, where the Museum of the Sixties operates today. We will also see revenue houses decorated with stucco works at the beginning of the 20th century, square named after Honchar, one of the oldest cycle tracks in Europe and amazing murals of modern art.

Tatarka – an old district of Kyiv, spread out on the hills. Quiet, cozy Tatarka is hidden from the eyes of tourists. However, this location is a perfect place for such sights, as the oldest necropolis, the only mosque in the city of Al-Rahma, one of the few wooden temples (Makariyevska church), and the most beautiful square named after G. Aliyev created by the Azerbaijani diaspora. And what a stunning view the Shchekovytsia mountain opens! They say the mountain cures. Get ready to walk the hills. We can also conduct a bike tour.

Lukianivka – the old district of the capital, where the buildings of the XIX-XX centuries are preserved. Among them: a prison castle, a tram depot, a former shelter building, mansions and modest 2-3-floor houses. Here you will also find one of the oldest necropolises – Lukianivske cemetery, where Strazhesko, Nesterov and others are buried. Today it is a nature reserve on the territory where excursions take place. Nearby, the Babyi Yar memorial and the 12th-century Cyril Church are located (we offer additional excursions). Besides, we’ve got extra excursions with real and fantastic stories around the Babyi Yar tract.

Mystical Kyiv – an excursion about weird cases related to our city. Kyiv keeps many centuries-old legends and mysterious stories. We will tell you about the enchanted Green Theater with its tunnels, about the secrets of the main post office and the House with chimeras, as well as about Independence Square, where once there was a Goat swamp. Also, we will show places of power with negative and positive energy. The tour takes place in the Upper City, Lypky or Pechersk.

Kyiv fortress – one of the largest fortifications in the world. Not every citizen of Kyiv knows, that remains of fortifications have preserved in the capital, which today are an architectural monument. During the tour you’ll learn about foundation of fortifications, about military engineering and about the prison in Diagon Caponier. Also you’ll see remains of earthen ramparts and defensive walls with towers. The tour will take you along the territory of Pechersk and may include a choice of visiting the Hospital Fortification, the Green Theater or Lysogorsky Fort.

Famous Kyivites – Lesya Ukrainka, M. Bulgakov, E. Paton, N. Amosov, V. Nekrasov, B. Stupka and many others whose names are associated with our city. During the tour, you will learn about outstanding people of Kyiv and their achievements that glorified our country throughout the world. We will walk through the streets where they lived and worked. In addition, we recommend visiting the Lesya Ukrainka House-Museum, the Bulgakov House or the Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora dedicated to Ukrainian emigrants.

Patrons of Kyiv – Brodsky, Mogilevtsev, Tereshchenko and Khanenko made a huge contribution to the development of our city. Thanks to them, schools, universities and hospitals were launched, as well as public institutions were built. We will tell you about an invaluable legacy inherited by Kyiv – the University, the medical library, the Pedagogical Museum, the Polytechnic Institute, the operetta theater, etc. You will see the Brodsky synagogue, the Tereshchenko mansion, the museum of the Khanenko family, which in its significance is equal to the Hermitage and the Louvre (entry is possible).

Nikolska drainage system – an excursion for those, who are not afraid of underground passages. Nikolska adit is safe and uncomplicated. Also it’s a beautiful cave with stalactites, bats and lakes. Diggers also fancy the underground Klov river (the most spectacular one of the underground rivers) and Shtolnya-1 (experimental utilities built in the 1970s). We invite here fans of slight extreme sports and extraordinary routes.

Stalin’s tunnels – another secret of our city. The tunnel crossings under the Dnieper riverbed, which were built in the 1930s, have long been classified as “X files”. During the tour, you will learn the history of the secret object, as well as for what purpose and by whose order it was built. Also, you will see preserved fragments and walk along the largest tunnel section. Remains of an unfinished tunnel with a caisson can be seen in the areas of Obolon, Zhukov Island, Osokorki and Pirogovo tract. It’s a car/bus excursion.