Excursion around Podil

Excursion around Podil


Excursion around Podil is conducted by our guides around the old part of Kiev. In the times of Kyivan Rus princes and nobles settled in the Upper City, and in the Lower City (Podil) lived peasants and artisans. The oldest place is considered to be  Vozdvyzhenska Street, on which in the VI century lived and did not grind potters, tars and kozhemyaki (tanners in English). Now on this street there are elite houses in Kyiv.

Fairs were held on the Kontraktova Square, and later the Magistrate was located here. The fire in 1811 destroyed almost all the wooden buildings. Among the stone buildings remained the Contracts House (1817), Hostynnyi Dvir (1809), Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (XVII century).

The Post Square historians consider one of the oldest squares of Ancient Kyiv, where berths were located and arranged a market. Subsequently, the Post Station (1669) and the river station (1897) were built here. To the present days, these objects have been preserved with some modifications. In warm days, from the Post embankment, motor ships cruise, where you can be offered an interesting excursion around Podil along the picturesque banks of the Dnipro.

Walking along the embankment, you will see the column of Magdeburg law and the Pedestrian bridge. On the other side is Trukhaniv Island, where you can eat and drink deliciously, enjoying a beautiful view of the Dnipro.

A lot of attention deserves  churches of Podil. The most significant of them  locates on our route. If you want, you can arrange a car inspection of all the main Podil churches.

Hetman Museum harmoniously fits into the excursions around Podil, where you will get acquainted with such personalities as Ivan Mazepa, Bogdan Khmelnytsky and others.

Map of Podil

Podol map