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Catherine Guides in OdessaServices: Ah! You wish to see our Odessa –  You came to the right place ! You will hear legends and facts about historical personalities and literary characters, you will see magnificent architectural structures, and not only, walk in Odessa yards, and have a cup of coffee in the favorite place of the great writers of the 19th century. And that’s not all! Museums, theaters, cathedrals, parks, cafes, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs will enthrall  You. And all this is with us…in a relaxed and fun company with Odessa humor!
Age: 23
Height: 170

Education: Odessa National Medical University, music school №1.
Knowledge of foreign languages:
English – advanced
French – advanced
Interests: what could be more fun that meeting new people!
Hobbies: playing the piano and saxophone, reading books of almost all genres, but anyway…let’s talk about You?
Sports: in life you need to try everything, so what do You prefer?

Favorite places in Odessa:
In the middle of a summer day through the shade of the trees of the Palais Royal You see the rays of the sun around. Sitting on the terrace of a cafe with a cup of cooling coffee in the hands, You see a wonderful view of the Opera house. Strangers go in all directions: to work and back, for a walk or to the theater. A large crowd carries our imagination back in the 19th century, with its mysteries and intrigues, legends and love stories. You hear: “What plays this evening?” and come back to reality. This is Odessa!
We move from the center of the city and ancient times goes away. On Central Avenue in Arcadia we forget everything and are given only to music and dance. And in the morning, as if nothing had happened, we ran to the beach to find a place on the sand in the ocean of beddings.
Odessa is beautiful not only in summer but also in winter. All in the snow (which is happen not often by the way) it is charming. Fairs, plays, concerts, cold sea and warm cozy cafes dispel any winter boredom and immerse us in the city of fun, laughter and joy!

About me:
sociable and cheerful, full of energy and jokes, won’t let You get bored, and by the evening I promise You will not feel your legs from a pleasant fatigue. So have a good rest before the tour and wear your most comfortable shoes, our journey is going to begin…

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