Catacombs on Moldavanka

Quarries of Moldavanka – are spread out in blocks of Razumovska str., Komitetska str., Babel str., Melnytska str. and Balkivska str. They are dated with 1850-1880 and are located at a depth of 25 m. At some point, shells deposits were mined here. In wartime the catacombs served as a bunker and bomb shelter. On this site, there are approximately 30 quarries, which make up a single underground labyrinth. Odessa catacombs make one of the main attractions of the city and a must visit place for all guests of Odessa. Today, one of the sites became the “The Catacombs of Odessa” Museum-Reserve (Balkivska Str., 161). Don’t forget to grab warm clothing and comfortable shoes.

Catacombs on Moldavanka – are located on 2nd Razumovsky Lane, 3-b. These are entire labyrinths of underground passages, which previously served as quarries. The length of the Odessa catacombs is about 3 thousand km. Today “Secrets of underground Odessa” Museum is located here. During your visit to the museum, you will learn about the stone quarries from the time of their creation, will hear fascinating stories, ranging from the geological structure of the soils near Odessa and ending with tales about gangster catacombs. In the museum you can order a theatrical excursion on selected topics or carry out quests. Make sure you have warm clothes and sports shoes on. The temperature in the caves is about 14 C.