Aleksandra guide in Kiev

Aleksandra works in excursions, accompaniment and entertainment

Александра гид КиевServicies:

  • city tours of Kiev (sightseeing tours, tour of the main theaters in Kiev, gastronomic tours, etc);
  • accompaniment (museums, theaters, exhibitions, cathedrals, festivals, fairs, trial lesson of Ballroom dances in the best dance school of Kiev);
  • entertainment program (thematic bars, cafes, pubs, restaurants with live music, karaoke with own music program, party of social dance (salsa, kizomba).

In addition:

  • tour guide (French, English, Russian),
  • interpreter (French, English),
  • gastronomical guide.

Age: 20
Height: 162

Knowledge of foreign languages:
French – upper-intermediate (Delf B2)
English – upper-intermediate

Education: 1.Kyiv National I. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University. Theatre director, theatre producer.
Interests: vocal. Singer with a French music program, laureate of many vocal competition. I sing in French, Italian, Spanish. I also have my own YouTube channel.
Sport hobbies: Latin-American ballroom dancing, fencing, swimming.

Favorite places in Kiev:
My big love to Kiev have started from a beautiful street – Yaroslaviv Val, where the most of buildings have been constructed in the 19 century. Each building on this street has his own history. Citizens call this street like a small Kievan Paris. There are the embassies of Italy, Poland, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the residence of the Ambassador of India. That is why walking by this street you will see the faces of happy foreigners, because Kiev makes everyone happy, first of all by his hospitality!

The stories about a mansion of Podgorsky impress, like a his architecture. They say, that in some buildings of this street the Government during the times of Soviet Union conducted a wiretap. Big quantity of bakeries with their charming terraces adds street charm, the theatrical life – bohemian chic. On this street you can see the theatre “Suzirya” and the House of Actor.

On the Yaroslaviv Val street you can see the University, where I am studying. On the stage of the University’s theatre many Ukrainian famous actors were passing their acting exams. On my excursions I will definitely take you to the University and show you a training theatre :)

I invite you to my original tours in Kiev, where you will feel the special atmosphere – from the Middle Ages to our time.

About me:
Studying at the faculty of directing made me to be savvy in the field that I am exploring, vocal performances taught me to keep the attention of the audience and to give a good mood.

I really love people, music and Kiev. So, I sincerely want to make my tourists feel this love to this special city.